Drug dealer sentenced to prison

Melissa White

Melissa White

 A woman with a long history of drug convictions was sentenced to 4-10 years in prison on Monday.
Melissa Ann White, 42, admitted to three counts of selling methamphetamine.
White sold 2 ounces of the drug at her East Valley home and was arrested after a five-month investigation.
Four people were arrested in an early morning raid on May 29.
Neighbors said that the home at 1819 Helman Drive had several RVs parked on the property and that they’d even found a hypodermic near the home.
The investigation was a collaborative effort by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Street Enforcement Team, the Tri-Net Task Force and the FBI.
Her attorney said the confidential source used by authorities to make the drug buys used with her after the deal.
District Judge Tod Young could have sentenced White to probation, or up to 18 years.
She has a significant history of drug felonies in Douglas County and has been sentenced to three prison terms over the past decade.
She is currently in Douglas County custody awaiting a judgment of conviction.
Also arrested in the raid was Mark Gregg, 58, who was taken back into custody on Dec. 7, 2020, for an alternative sentencing violation and a drug possession charge.
An admitted car thief pleaded to two additional felonies on Tuesday, including transporting a controlled substance near a school and being an ex-felon with a firearm.
Thadd Michael Sidney Winton, 31, is facing additional prison time in connection with his Nov. 23 arrest in Minden.
District Judge Tod Young listed the felonies Winton has been convicted over the past seven years, including several instances of taking vehicles that aren’t his.
During the Minden arrest he was found in possession of a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun.
He admitted charges of attempting to elude a police officer and possession of a stolen vehicle on Nov. 3 and was allowed to attend the treatment program.
Instead he and another man were arrested less than three weeks later in Minden on drug and weapons charges.
Winton received 43-108 months in prison in December in connection with a car theft where he stole a Navigator on Sept. 21 at Lake Tahoe and drove it into Douglas County where he was taken into custody.


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