Rave reviews for Night of Artistry

Night of Artistry students rehearse.

Night of Artistry students rehearse.


The Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School yearbook students wrote their own review on the Night of Artistry held Dec. 8 in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

The night of artistry was an eventful and fun event at Pau-Wa-Lu with many choices of events and experiences to be around. The food was amazing and all the students pitched in for a great night at the school. Lots of people came to enjoy the nights, families and students and friends. The drama, band, and choir performances were entertaining for all ages and interests. All in all, Night of artistry was an amazing night

Chloe Clark

Pau-Wa-Lu’s night of artistry on Dec. 9 was filled with entertainment and fun. About 300 people attended the event, including parents and students. Pau-Wa-Lu displayed beautiful ceramics and art projects. Jazz band, choir performances, and intriguing drama performances were also happening at the night of artistry. Multiple classes at Pau-Wa-Lu had activities and fun things to do such as green architecture, outdoor science, robotics, and more. Food and nutrition students served meatballs and pineapple drinks that they made themselves. A student at Pau-Wa-Lu Maddie said, “This night was amazing, I had a great time, the meatballs food and nutrition made were amazing! I couldn’t get enough of them.”

Avalynn Garza

What a thrilling night for Pau-Wa-Lu’s first night of Artistry! We had wonderful performances from our drama, band, and choir productions! With delicious tasting treats from our Food and Nutrition chefs and pieces for sale from our 6th grade Green Architecture and Ceramics classes. We had awesome designs from our Games and Puzzles, 7/8th grade Green Architecture, Design and Modeling, and Robot and pull toys from our robotics, and last but certainly not least our Outdoor Science! A huge thank you to everyone who participated and made this night one to remember!

Hailee Koontz

Pau-Wa-Lu’s Night of Artistry was filled with fun, laughter, and lots of talent. Food and Nutrition supplied amazing appetizers of delicious meatballs and refreshing drinks. Green Architecture, Games&Activites&Puzzles, Ceramics, Art, Drama, Jazz Band, and Choir gave us a very entertaining and intriguing night, where everybody felt like they belong. Overall, the night was one that we will not forget.

Maddelynn Mckinley

¨A Night of Artistry!¨

What a wonderful night, full of all the talents from a variety of students; we had Games Activities and Puzzles, Design and Modeling, Outdoor Science, Green Architecture, Computer Science, Ceramics, Hor D’oeuvres from Foods, and Band, Choir, and Drama performances. Everybody seemed to really enjoy being out, and getting to spend time with their kids, the kids that come to Pau- Wa-Lu also seemed to enjoy spending time with their peers and parents. Everyone loved seeing all the projects students have been working on. Everything looked great. This was like one of those things that could really bring people together. It would be great to have next year!

Milena Nikolov

Pau-wa-lu had an amazing turnout on Wednesday night! When people think of school all they think about is books, and sitting at a desk all day. The Night of artistry was held to show everything outside of that. Students at Pau-wa-lu do so much more than academics all day, we create and learn so many amazing skills, using our hands, intelligence, and voices. Every single student at this school is encouraged to show who they are! The Night of Artistry was a way to show our community just how talented, intelligent, and bright we panthers truly are! We would like to thank every single person who contributed to this event!

Leilah Minter

The Night Of Artistry at Pau-Wa-Lu. It was a fun and exciting experience and it was nice to walk around and look at all of the art that the students have made. The drama play was really cool. They did a lip singing battle and it was really fun to watch

Abe Bernard-Gonzalez

One of the events at Night of Artistry was a drama performance. A scene from a Greek play, and a lip sync battle! A direct quote from a drama student, Levi Suvorov, said, ¨ Drama really is a bonding experience. We’re like a big family.¨ And it’s true. Just one look at Mrs. Mellos drama class and you can tell that they all have close lifelong bonds with one another. It’s a great class to take if you need help with confidence and social skills.

Sophia Suvorov

Pau Wa Lu Middle School puts on an amazing Night of Artistry event. The Night of Artistry had lots of beautiful art presentations. Along with very tasty chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies made by the food nutrition classes. They also had a very entertaining choir along with a very well played band. Friends and families all came together to celebrate their kid’s accomplishments and to support Pa Wa Lu. Everyone came together and put on an amazing event to support the kids at Pa Wa Lu Middle school.

Payton Vonahsen

This amazing Night of Artistry was a big hit at Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School. There was a choir, band, and drama play entertaining the crowd. It was sure a night to remember. The parents were amazed by Miss. Cavett’s outdoor science class tying impressive knots. They were also impressed with the things that their kids cooked and were serving. Overall Pau-Wa-Lu’s Night of Artistry was amazing and showed what we kids could do.

Sequoia Ellison

The Night of Artistry hosted by Pau-Wa-Lu was a very fun and creative experience. Many classes participating to show off their amazing work this semester! Ceramics displayed their pots and ornaments. Drama had a lip sync battle and foods provided refreshments for everyone!

Autumn Petite


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