Chelsea Kincheloe: Mayor Bob was an advocate for Carson’s trails

Dear Friends: May we find you on the trail. One of our own has died, and I wanted to let you know and share some memories.

Mayor Bob Crowell a few years back was representing Carson City at an overseas conference with the goal of attracting investment into Carson City. When asked, “What are you going to talk about, Bob?” his reply was quick. “I am going to speak about trails and how well they work as a catalyst to overcome disagreements among governments, to bring us together to find solutions to problems. I am going to mention how much joy and well being I personally derive from walking the hills … I am going to talk about our community quality of life and the work that nonprofits and volunteers do to improve our communities.”

It is sad to say goodbye and imperative to thank Susan and his family for sharing so much of his time and energy with us. He was so devoted to his mayor responsibilities, helping us find solutions to our problems and listening attentively to our concerns. He was a gentleman and problem solver, able to work out solutions for difficult issues.

Our first For-Life Benefactor, Mayor Bob will be there when we build or maintain trail. His presence will be with us as we review NDOT, Public Works, or development plans to assure pedestrian- and bike- safe and friendly infrastructure. At public hearings when we advocate our vision and the going gets tough, we will remember that Mayor Bob would have asked, “What does Muscle Powered think about that?” and we will feel re-energized to continue championing our ideas. Our Mayor was so proud of our work that he nominated our organization for the Governor’s Point of Lights Award.

Mayor Bob was instrumental in securing legal public access for our Hamm/Eagle View Open Space. In 2019 for National Trails Day, we partnered with Great Basin Institute and the Open Space Program to build and officially name Mayor Bob’s Trail. May one of Mayor Bob’s numerous legacies be to inspire our citizens and leaders to be like he was: thoughtful and always willing to help and to find suitable solutions to difficult problems. Be assured, Mayor Bob, you have inspired us, and we will continue to work for a more walkable and bikeable Carson City for present and future generations to enjoy.

Mayor Bob was a light to a healthier, more inclusive world, a unifier, a man of hope. He knew something deeply about sacrificing for the larger good and finding common ground.

From us all at Muscle Powered, thanks Mayor Bob; we will see your presence on the trail.

Chelsea Kincheloe is president of the Muscle Powered Board of Directors.


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