Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon July 17, 1928 - September 2, 2020

Robert Gordon of Carson City passed away September 2, 2020. Bob was born on July 17, 1928 in Mingo Junction, Ohio. Bob was a veteran of The Korean War. He graduated from Ohio State University with his wife Marty Gordon, now deceased, working to help pay his way through college; for which he was forever grateful.

Bob had three boys with Marty; Kenneth of New Jersey, David in New Hampshire, and Bobby who is deceased. Bob also had a best friend, Ray Saldi residing in South Carolina. Bob was formally married to Alison Gordon of Carson City.

After graduation Bob worked for General Electric in many finance positions from California to New York and multiple assignments overseas. Bob's assignment to Japan had his family with him and then off he was to take a job in Algeria with his family residing on the Island of Mallorca, Spain. At that time, Algeria was not very hospitable for families, let alone foreigners. Bob was a caring person and helped many people who needed assistance. A unique example was while he was in Algiers, Algeria he was helping a Catholic school for disabled children; Bob asked the nun if there was anything he could do to further help them. The nun said, "We could use a wheelchair or two." Algerian customs were extremely strict on importing almost anything, but Bob with his friend Ray, figured out how to "import" a wheelchair through customs. Arriving from Mallorca, on a wheelchair was Bob pushing Ray through customs! Without customs realizing that Bob was bringing in a restricted product. Bob over the next seven arrivals was able to bring in another seven wheelchairs. Bob also helped his driver pay for his daughter's school through his tenure in Algeria.

In addition Bob was assigned to a GE project in Ismailia, Egypt on the Suez Canal, upon its completion Bob come home to retire in Schenectady, NY and then moved to Bernalillo, NM where Bob decided to get involved in founding a community water company to substantially lower the water costs for the community.

Bob then moved to Carson City with Alison, his former wife, where he lived the remainder of his life with a few other adventures along the way. While living in Carson City, Bob was known for helping those in need.

He was a very generous soul and he will be remembered and missed. Now Bob has gone to see the Lord with no regrets of the life that he lived.

Rest in Peace Bob! Thank you! 


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