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Dear Editor:

First – I want to offer my thanks and gratitude to the Lahontan Valley News, The Fallon Post, and Lahontan Broadcasting for organizing, executing, and moderating an excellent Churchill County Candidates Night.

Their efforts, both during the Primary cycle and now leading up to the General Election, afforded an opportunity for Churchill County residents to find out about candidates running for office during this bizarre election cycle.

My first reason to run for office is to give every registered voter in the county an opportunity to weigh in on who represents them within elected county leadership. In almost every election that I have voted in here in Churchill County, there has only been one name on the general election ballot for the office of county commissioner. While there might have been more than one candidate, the race was decided during the primary cycle—with that decision made by less than one-third of all the people living in the county.

This year, there will be two names on the ballot—and I am thrilled to have achieved my goal of giving ALL registered voters a real choice in the election.

In his closing remarks on candidate’s night, my opponent made a number of nasty allegations about me and my campaign. He suggested that I was trying to “hide” my party affiliation from voters. Let me be totally clear – my campaign is based on a love for Churchill County not my party affiliation. I am running for this office because I believe that I have the skills, experience, and drive to help make Churchill County a better place. This focus on community drives the images on my yard signs, the words on my mailers, my platform, issues of concern, and most importantly the way that I interact with everyone around me.

There are around 25,000 people who live in Churchill County. My opponent has made it clear that he is more interested in representing the interests of the 30% that share his party affiliation than the interests of all the rest of us.

I don’t care if you are a registered republican, a democrat, non-partisan, or not registered to vote—I want to know about your concerns and hear your ideas so we can work together to solve problems and make Churchill County the best place it can possibly be!

Kelli Kelly


Churchill County Board of Commissioners – District 3


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