Postcard from the past looks to the future

A postcard from 1964 celebrating Nevada's Centennial.

A postcard from 1964 celebrating Nevada's Centennial.

I hope longtime Valley resident George Wennhold has a big stack of those Nevada centennial post cards. He sent me a thank-you note on the back of one of them this week.

The post card is clearly a product of the 1960s and would be stashed away as an heirloom.

The caption on the back says “From Burros to Ballistics, from saddles to satellites, Battle Born Nevada is rounding out a progress packed century of statehood. Adventurers all — prospectors, Indians, farmers and ranchers, builders of majestic dams, pioneers of space — are these Nevadans depicted in the seal. From hardy and dauntless beginnings, they have raised their Silver State to the very threshold of the stars.”

George was a bailiff in the district courts for years, and on more than one occasion lent a pen to an ink-stained wretch who ran out … of ink.

I spotted former R-C photographers Belinda and Jim Grant on a shoot in Genoa the other day.

Belinda had a scooter to keep off her leg, which she broke as a result of a recent mishap.

In order to give her the equivalent of off-road capabilities, Jim said he pulled the wheels off Belinda’s garden wagon and installed them on the scooter.

Adriana Grant, who went to UNR this fall, is back in the Valley during the university’s shut-down. She’s scheduled to return next January.

Longtime Nevada Cooperative Extension Educator Emerita JoAnne Skelly is taking a break from her column through the end of the year.

She said she’s been writing the column since 1998, and has been a regular in the pages of The Record-Courier for the entire first fifth of the 21st Century.

It seems appropriate that it has been 13 years since the first Thanksgiving at Casa de Hildebrand.

We refer to that first gathering as the illegal Thanksgiving, because we hadn’t quite received our certificate of occupancy yet.

Update: On Wednesday, we decided to cook up Thanksgving dinner and divvy it up amongst the family members to avoid prolonged contact indoors. Worked like a charm.

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