Good time to tackle cleaning your gear

Hello fellow anglers. I hope your holidays are starting off good, and you had a safe Thanksgiving with family and friends. Renee and I stayed home and connected with family and friends via text or telephone. I am slowly coming into the 21st century of technology. But fishing will always be old school in my book. Many of our local fishing areas have closed for the season in the eastern sierras. Many put up their rod and reel until next season. Let me give you a couple hints on storing your gear. Most important rule is to always loosen your drag on your reels when not in use for a while. Store gear in a dry area and out of direct sunlight. You might want to ask Santa for a new spool of line for Christmas, as the line will twist and retain memory; which we have all experienced once or twice. When you cast your line after not in use for a time. You will get a lot of loops, and backlashes, this is memory you do not want. Myself, this time of year I lube my reels to manufacture specs, strip all my reels of line and respool them. This will be perfect timing for the opening day of Topaz Lake on Jan. 1, 2021. Here is a report of closures of lakes, rivers and roads in our area, but also areas that are still open to fishing.
CAPLES LAKE: The Caples Lake Resort is closed for the season along with the EID boat ramp. Shore fishing is your only access. The lake has started to get a little ice on it, but is not safe to fish on yet. Some anglers have fished in the open areas with nightcrawlers from the dam and picked up a few rainbows and browns. I will be waiting for the ice to form and be at least 12 inches thick, before I venture out.
RED LAKE: I am waiting to hear back from a biologist, to see when or if the lake will be safe to ice fish this winter. This is due to the blue green algae problem they had this summer in the lake. At this time, I recommend not fish the lake for health reasons.
WOODS LAKE: The road was open as of last week, but that can change at any time due to weather.
BLUE LAKES: The road has closed for the season
INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The lake is open to fishing. The campground and day use facilities are closed. The blue green algae problem was at a warning stage. I would use cation and still clean your fish at home and rinse with clean water. The lake has turned over, but still has a few weeds around the lake. Powerbait or inflated nightcrawlers have been most productive. Both roads are open as of last week. I would use caution on the paved road in the shaded areas, they may still have some ice on the road.
TOPAZ LAKE: The lake is closed to fishing until January 1st 2021. I spoke with the Topaz Lodge, and they will not be holding their annual derby this year.
INYO AND MONO COUNTIES: All rivers and lakes are closed for the season. Check your regulations for rivers that convert to catch and release for the winter fishing season.
CARSON RIVER EAST AND WEST FORK CALIFORNIA: Closed to fishing for the season. Except for the area from hangman's Bridge to the Nevada stateline. This area is open to catch and release with artificial lures or flies with a barbless hook.
CARSON RIVER EAST FORK NEVADA SIDE: the river is open to fishing all year. Some anglers have done well fishing above the broken dam with small spinners or salmon eggs.
WAKER RIVERS EAST AND WEST FORK IN NEVADA: Fishing is open all year. The Best area I like to fish is through Wilson Canyon between Yerington and Wellington.
PYRAMID LAKE: The lake is open to fishing. You will need to get your tribal permit online at For those anglers that have not fished the lake yet this year, a special note on the new fishing fees. daily fishing adult $24, youth fishing permit 12 to 18 years old $12, second rod permit $24, boat use permit $26, Camping $32 with restrictions on size of party and depending on which area you choose. Fishing started off with a great start with fish caught in the 3 to 12 pound class. Over the last week or so, the catching has declined a bit. I recommend familiarizing yourself with the restrictions on bag limits and fish slot limits, and what you can and can not use while fishing the lake. It may sound complicated, but they are simple rules to follow. I have fished the lake for many years, and the rewards are something you have to experience.
Good luck on your next fishing adventure. I will see you at Topaz Lake to bring in the new year. Then we will venture up to do some ice fishing on the higher lakes. If you get a picture of your catch, send it to Remember to practice social fishdancing. be safe and have a happy holiday season. Good fishin' and tight lines


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