Planning commission denies special use permit change for Carson City Public Works

The Planning Commission denied a change to a special use permit requested by the Carson City Public Works department.

The SUP for a booster pump station on open space land next to Long Ranch Estates residential development was initially approved last June.

The permit allowed for a pump house enclosure 15 feet in height, but after designing it Public Works determined it needed a roof just over 19 feet to install a muffler to dampen the noise from the pump’s emergency generator.

Several neighbors spoke during public comment at Wednesday’s meeting to oppose the amendment allowing the roof to be raised four more feet.

The residents said the initial public noticing sent to nearby property owners was vague and referred to Norfolk Drive rather than Derby Place, which is the road of homes primarily affected.

“The notice was misleading, it didn’t show it was behind he homes,” Joanna Kaiser. “If it had, more homeowners would have shown up.”

Heather Ferris, associate planner, said the District Attorney’s office reviewed the public notice and said it met legal requirements for noticing.

In the design, the muffler is attached vertically to one end of the pump so commissioners asked if the muffler could be installed horizontally or if the roof could be lowered over most of the pump.

Dan Stucky, city engineer, said a smaller muffler that would not reduce the noise as much but could be installed to keep the roof at the originally approved 15 feet.

The commission voted unanimously to deny the amendment request.

The commission also voted to recommend to the Board of Supervisors a moratorium on applications for hemp cultivation while the city figures out how it wants to manage it through zoning. The crop is allowed by Nevada law but local jurisdictions have control over zoning.

In February, the board passed a resolution calling for the moratorium, the first step in the process required by municipal code.

The moratorium only concerns cultivation of hemp and live plants and doesn’t affect any local businesses or manufacturers using hemp products.

The commission also approved an SUP and a variance for a duplex on a corner lot at 5th and Thompson streets. An SUP is required for duplexes on corner lots and the variance allowed the setback to be reduced from 20 feet to 10 feet in order to avoid a fault line.


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