Tom Riggins: Much ado about little?

If you listen to the mainstream media outlets the world is going to end. Coronavirus is the long-predicted apocalypse that will destroy the world. Except for cockroaches, of course. I am referring to the insects, not the liberal left. I meant no insult to them beyond what I have already made.

The world might end, and of course it is Trump’s fault. I guess the fact that it started in China is Trump’s fault too. There must be some Russian collusion involved in there somewhere also. Maybe even some abuse of power if Adam Schiff gets lucky.

Seriously, after a little research the coronavirus seems to me to be the result of a shortage of reportable news. Trump bashing has been quelled after the impeachment scam got shut down. The main reason I think coronavirus is front and center is to take attention away from the many fiascos seen with the Democrat presidential primary.

Here is what I found in my research. Coronavirus is a contagious infectious disease. That sounds bad, but so is the common cold and flu. It is an unpleasant respiratory illness. It does not destroy organs like of Ebola. Once recovered, a person will go about their normal life just as they do after a cold. The panic according to Breitbart News and others is caused by an “info-demic” (their word) spreading partial and misleading information of health risk.

Coronavirus is from the SARS family, and one of its least dangerous versions. According to Israeli infectious disease experts, the mortality rate ranges from 0.5 to 2 percent of those infected. That is very similar to the mortality rate from ordinary flu in the U.S. It is reported that there will be a vaccine soon, developed by any one of several private companies competing to have the first one.

The response of the U.S. has been very good. According to government officials, when Trump was presented with facts from the Center for Disease Control and their recommendations, he took the unprecedented step of banning travel into the U.S. from countries with coronavirus problems and then quarantining U.S. travelers returning from those countries. That is the first time in history a president has taken that step. That was done in January when the problem first arose.

There are only about 75 confirmed cases of U.S. citizens. There has been one death, and only a handful are hospitalized. When you consider the U.S. population of over 330 million people, those with the disease are a miniscule number.

Of course, if you contract the disease, it is no laughing matter. The most vulnerable to complications are older people, like me, and those with respiratory problems. If you have had pneumonia in the past, like me, you are more vulnerable. Yet I don’t wake up every morning fearing that I am going to die from coronavirus. If I show symptoms of respiratory problems I will go to the doctor sooner than I might otherwise. That’s the extent of my concern. Most health care professionals appear to have the same attitude. They are aware of the issue but it is not at the top of their concerns.

There is talk that the stock market will completely crash because of the impacts of trade on China. The stock market in my opinion was overheated to begin with and has been long overdue for a correction. This just happens to be the trigger. If not this, then something else would have. I don’t believe the virus will cause a huge worldwide financial crisis.

In summary, the coronavirus is not a deadly epidemic ready to spread across the world. The U.S. response has been timely despite reports to the contrary. It is not going to create international financial chaos. And it is not “Trump virus” despite wishes from the left.

The media hype about coronavirus is coming from the same people that try to create panic about anything and everything in an effort to destroy Trump. It may work on some people. I saw a news report that some are not drinking Corona beer for fear of coronavirus. Anyway, for the rest of us just wash your hands and be aware of the symptoms. Beyond that, don’t worry.

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