Faith & Insight: The cord of hope

Hope, like a gleaming candle’s light,

Adorns and cheers our way;

And still, as darker grows the night,

Emits a brighter ray.

— Oliver Goldsmith

The 40 years of wandering in the wilderness was over and done. God’s people were now ready to take back their promised land. Spies were sent to check out the first city, Jericho. They went to the home of Rahab who hid them on her rooftop so they could not be found by soldiers of the land.

Rahab had heard stories of how God had given Israel provisions, protection, and victory during those years. She had come to believe in Jehovah. The spies gave her a scarlet cord to hang out her window so that she and her family would be spared when the invasion took place.

The Hebrew word for cord is used twice in that text from Joshua chapter two. But, it’s used the other 32 times in the Old Testament and translated “hope,” “expectation” or “longing.” Truly that scarlet cord was a cord of hope for Rahab and her family!

As I read the story once again, I happened to realize that we, too, have a cord of hope. And, because of the blood of Jesus, we could also call it a scarlet cord. That cord is our only hope of rescue. It is God’s promise and guarantee. That cord is Jesus.

Dear Lord, this world does not always make a lot of sense. I thank you for the solid hope that your son Jesus provides for us daily. I pray in his precious and holy name. Amen.

Bruce Henderson is minister of Airport Road Church of Christ.


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