Feather River grabs four commits from Carson High football

Seth Anderson

Seth Anderson

Four Carson High football players took advantage of a visit from the Feather River College football coaching staff during this past season.

Seth Anderson, Connor Davis, David Leach and Randy Herrera all plan on continuing their football careers at the junior college level.

For Anderson, Davis and Leach, the path to Feather River started at Dayton High School where the three friends played together for three seasons.

After Dayton was forced to shut down its football program last fall for a season, the three companions went west to Carson High.

“It was tough for us to learn all these positions and plays in a matter of weeks. It was a good opportunity and I’m happy it happened,” said Anderson. “It was nothing like anything I had ever done before.”

The trio was able to make an impact on the turf for the Senators – mostly on the defensive end – as Davis posted 48 tackles and three sacks while Leach accounted for 32 tackles and two sacks of his own.

Anderson had 189 kick return yards in four games of action for Carson.

“I would say I’m very dynamic and shifty. I’m pretty hard to catch a grip of,” added Anderson.

Herrera, who was a varsity player for the last two seasons, worked to open and close holes on the offensive and defensive lines for the Senators, posting a sack over the course of the season.

The three transfers from Dayton have been close since elementary school and have been competing together on the football field for nearly as long.

“It means a lot cause I’ve always played with them since I started and just to keep playing with them is great,” said Davis.

“I’ve been playing with them since I was a little kid so it’ll be nice to play with them for another two years,” echoed Leach.

A recruiting trip gave all of the future Golden Eagles a chance to see campus in Quincy, California where they will compete in the Golden Valley Conference.

All three said that transferring in from Dayton to Carson turned out to be best option for them and ultimately presented them with the opportunity to continue competing.

For Herrera, the program seemed like the ideal fit and gives him the opportunity to continue a new sport

"Having the opportunity to play a sport in college is great for me," said Herrera. "It's awesome."

A two-year varsity player, Herrera didn't first try on the pads until his junior season.

"I was playing a basketball game and coach (Blair) Roman came up to me one day, ... and said I should try it out," Herrera said. "It was difficult because I had to learn a whole different sport, ... but I was already conditioned and athletic enough to do it."

Looking at the bigger picture

When the season ended for the Senators in early November, none of the four seniors wanted to take off the pads for a final time.

However, with the continued growth of the Coronavirus pandemic, Leach said he and his family felt it was best for him to go into the workforce through the fall before heading back to school when it is less of a health risk.

“We figured it might be a good idea for me to work for a semester and transfer in, depending on the whole situation with the Coronavirus,” Leach said.

He won’t be alone as athletes at all competition levels will have to weigh the potential risks of returning to action around groups of people.

Leach says he hopes to go into Feather River in the spring semester of 2021 and plans to study something in the medical or nutritional field.

Anderson is hoping to become a nurse practitioner while in the classroom while Davis added that he is still undecided and considering his options.

Herrera also says he's currently undecided, but is leaning toward business.


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