Teri Vance: Bringing the best of the shutdown forward

We are officially moving into Phase II of the reopening process in Nevada. While it’s not completely clear what that will look like, we do know it means more and more businesses are starting to open up.

In this phase, gyms, casinos, museums and other public spaces will be welcoming visitors once again.

Some people think the wait has been too long, while others wish we’d wait a little longer to keep the coronavirus at bay.

I am somewhere in the middle. I look forward to some of the freedoms on the horizon, but also appreciate the time I’ve been able to spend at home.

I’ve found that many feel the same way. As things start to get back to “normal,” there are certain activities from the shutdown they’d like to carry forward.

Unable to go out to eat as restaurants have been closed, Lindsay Chichester-Medahunsi said she come to like ordering takeout then eating at home.

“We can be inside or outside and if the kiddo goes nuts, we are at home and don’t create a scene,” she said.

It’s also made her more deliberate with her relationships.

“On Friday nights, friends from grad school jump on Zoom and we catch up and cocktail,” she said. “It has been so fun to reconnect.”

In the same vein, Chris Butson intends to continue “regular dates with friends — in person or via the web.”

My husband, Gary, and I have found pleasure in planning meals and activities for his children when they come over, rather than going on so often.

We’ve talked about keeping that up even when we have more options.

Others have found spending more time with family has been an unintended blessing as well.

“I love having all my kids home and the (mostly) uninterrupted family time,” said Teresa Dastrup. “It has been amazing! I know we can't stay at this pace forever, but I want to continue to take the time to have breakfast out on the deck together more often, play family games, cook more meals together, go on more family runs or walks and always take everyone branding.”

Michelle Zito is seeing time —and her priorities — in a different way.
“I'm doing all the things I never thought I had time to do before … art, reading good books, certain remodeling projects, daily exercising … and relaxing,” she said. “I realize that I can do these things, I just needed to prioritize. It was nice to have the time to sort things out unencumbered by routine.”

The Covid-19 quarantine has been a difficult time for so many reasons, especially for the loss of life and suffering. It has also caused havoc in the economy and to families.

However, if there is any bright spot, it is, as Zito pointed out, we have been given the time to take a step back and sort out our priorities — in our homes and in the world.

I hope we will hang on to these lessons.


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