Tom Riggins: Sheeple, bow down

There are now many mandates nationwide that you must wear a mask and social distance. You must comply. Bow to our will, now. You must wear your mask. Keep your distance. Shut up and don’t object. But is all of this really medically necessary? I think we are being scammed.

If we were being told accurate or believable information I might think so. There is so much contradictory and falsely portrayed information it is hard to know what to believe. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has revised projections at least 16 times by my count since January, always downward until recently. The media reports only the selected parts of the available statistics that make the data appear more serious. Deaths where COVID-19 was present is called a COVID 19 death whether it was the cause of death or not.

There are reports of recent increases in cases. This is logical, given that there is more testing going on. What we are not being told is the number of asymptomatic cases. Also, the media has stopped reporting mortality rate because positive tests confirm more cases but not increased deaths. From the peak of April 2020 deaths have decreased by about 90 percent. Doctor and former Senator Ron Paul maintains that hospitals are reporting any positive test done in a hospital as a hospitalization. Why? Because they get federal money based on CV19 hospitalizations.

Also not being reported is that infection spread rates from asymptomatic carriers is much lower than from those with symptoms. Also, evidence is mounting that new infections are milder than the flu, except for some sourced from Mexico. Unfortunately, the media and social media blackout of these studies is near-total. You have to dig to find the information.

Third, masks. The mainstream media is promoting the need for masks. There are a large number of doctors and scientists who disagree. These voices are being censored. So who is right? Here are some facts, you decide. The COVID-19 virus is 0.4 to 1.2 microns in size, as per the CDC. They tend to clump together, so let’s say 2 to 2.5 microns in size. The N95 industrial mask will filter 95 percent of particles 1 micron or larger in size. So these masks, worn properly, will work. The common surgical mask will not filter viruses. They filter particles to about 3.0 microns. The cloth masks that are so prevalent only filter particles down to about 20 or more microns, depending on the type of material. Based on this, are masks useful? And, if six feet separation is acceptable, why do we need masks? If we need masks, why separation?

Let's go back to the original measurements used to scare Americans into giving up their constitutional liberties, the daily death numbers. Even though we know hospitals have falsely attributed countless deaths to CV19 that were deaths with instead of from the virus, we are seeing actual deaths steadily declining. Declining deaths are not a great way to push the "second wave" agenda, so the media and politicians have moved the goal posts and decided that only "cases" are important. It's another big lie. We went from keeping hospitals from being overrun to saving lives to number of cases.

Why is all of this happening? Socialist Norman Thomas said in 1927 that the American people would never vote for socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program. Almost 100 years later that is coming true. The mask mandates ad lockdowns seem now not about public health but to test just how many infringements for “safety” on civil liberties you will tolerate.

The mandates are intended to create and maintain panic and fear, and in the view of some, to divide the country. I don’t see a medically or scientifically supportable reason for healthy people to wear masks. As partial proof this is political, Lincoln County, Oregon exempted African Americans from the state mask mandate. Either they wanted more black people to die that other races or they understand that the mask mandate is about control.


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