Joel Flamenbaum: Is this the best we can do? Yes

I am going to break a promise I made to myself, not to respond to any commentary authored by Guy Farmer as it really would not be worth my time, however today you have reached a low.

“Democrats in disarray” really? How important were the questions you asked yourself while watching the Iowa debates last week? You questioned the abilities of each of the six candidates by asking “is this the best we can do?” A simple answer is YES. As individuals or cumulatively they can top what we have been dealing with for the past two years, morally, spiritually, and ethically. To date as verified by several well-known reporting media groups including Fox that Mr. Trump has spoken 15,413 outright lies, not to mention several hundred exaggerations that deviate substantially from the truth.

You took the time to dwell on the candidate’s ages of which all but one was age 70 or older. Do you measure candidate’s merits, worth or viability entirely dependent upon age or an absence of youth? May I remind you that Trump is 73 and has exhibited early onset Alzheimer’s symptoms. I ask you in all sincerity is this the best the Republicans can muster? Let me remind you that Trump did NOT win the popular vote, he lost by almost 3 million votes.

You seem to dwell on the problem that massive amount of Democratic money might try to “buy an election.” Trump has nearly twice as much cash on hand — $158 million, as the Democratic candidates. I agree that money has corrupted our electoral process not only with presidential campaigns but, in general, all campaigns.

If any group of political animals should be accused of discrimination and bigotry it would appear that honor goes to Trump and almost all of the Republican senators. You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Farmer for even thinking that about the Democrats.

There was nothing unexplainable about House Speaker Pelosi’s holding back on submitting the articles of impeachment. This was in response to Leader McConnell’s stating that there would not be a fair trial because his mind as well as the other Republican sheep had already determined that Trump did nothing wrong and that the articles of impeachment were a “sham and a witch hunt.” And even though ALL members of the House and Senate swore an oath to be impartial, many, including McConnell, stated that their minds were already made up. Who needs facts and witnesses? What is that magic glue that enables seemingly intelligent people to protect this man that has time and time again displayed indifference to our Constitution? And again you have the audacity to state that the Democrats are in disarray. At least the Democrats have spine!

It is ironic that you mention a typical “quid pro quo” in other words if the Democrats have “nerve” to ask for important first hand knowledgeable individuals such as Mulvany, John Bolton, et al to testify then the Republicans should have the right to ask for former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter to testify. Let me state the obvious to you Mr. Farmer, the two are totally unrelated.

You stated that Bill Clinton lied under oath during his impeachment trial, and I agree I think he did so you think that two wrongs make a right and that gives the right for the Senate side of the trial to lie as well. My how logical.

I quote our British friends by saying I am gobsmacked to read that because the economy is doing well that this gives Trump the right to grope young females and bully our international friends and allies?

In summation I must write about your outrageous closing paragraph about Alice Little, your words “Companion of the Year.” Let me remind you that Little a Northern Nevada sex worker is working or has worked in a legal profession, at least in certain counties with in Nevada. On what moral high horse are you demeaning an honest working girl? So she EARNED $1.2 million last year. She HONESTLY EARNED that money. Would you have rather she held up banks or started a shame University, bilking people out of their hard earned money like our crooked Republican president?

Joel Flamenbaum is a Carson City resident and he is a former state of Nevada tax department employee.


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