Letters to the Editor for January 25, 2020

Resident asks for missing flag to be used for honoring service members

Some time around Dec. 19, someone stole my flag. It has taken me all this time to get over the shock and trying to find the right words to the one who has my flag.

It was my memorial to my father who gave his life in Europe during World War II. And my husband, who was in the Air Force, also my three grandsons — Army, Navy, National Guard — all had been in hazardous areas.

It took me time to save up for the pole that would keep the flag from being wrapped around the pole. I kept the flag under the eaves of the house. Also, I kept a bright light on it at night.

Please take care of my flag and give a prayer every day for our servicemen and women.

Because of you, I can no longer fly proudly our flag to honor my loved ones and all our wonderful servicemen and women.

Carol L. Davy

Carson City

Columnist not qualified to comment on Democratic candidates

Once again, as is his wont, Nevada Appeal columnist “Help! Help! My Hair Is on Fire” Guy Farmer is howling at the moon with his characteristic smug, right-wing perspective. Farmer, who has never seen a progressive Democrat who he doesn’t think is a socialist or communist, decides he is qualified to comment on the Democratic presidential candidates. His rhetorical question, “Is this the best we can do in the world’s greatest democracy? I hope not,” rings of hypocrisy and a lack of self-awareness.

To be fair, Farmer claims to not like the current president nor his antics on the world stage. Still, it was Farmer and his ilk of conservative grifters that allowed Trump to attain the highest office in the land. They continue to perpetuate the mindset that allows the president to get away with just about everything he chooses including trampling on the Constitution — to say nothing of the rule of law.

On the impeachment front in the Senate, Farmer trots out the same old trite Republican talking points about Hunter Biden and Burisma that we’ve all heard and implies surely no one could get a job of that caliber and not be somehow dirty or compromised. Uh, think Donald Trump, Ivanka, Jared, Donald, Jr. and Eric. Like the venomous cadre of Republican whiners, Farmer offers no concrete evidence to back up his statement, ‘“We did nothing wrong,” says Joe Biden. “We’ll see about that if they testify.”

Of course, the Biden debacle has been proven long ago to be unsubstantiated and literally a figment of Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre mindset. Yet, he and the Republican Party are so dead set on keeping Trump in office, they will believe anything. It is both a little sad and pathetic.

As for Nancy Pelosi’s “inexplicable month-long delay” in delivering articles of impeachment to the Senate, Farmer conveniently ignores all of the information that has come out during that month that posits grave accusations against the president through the papers and testimony of Lev Parnas. Sure, Parnas is an indicted criminal.

Gary Brady-Herndon

Carson City


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