Faith & Insight: Prayer makes a difference

I love to pray for people. It’s my favorite to put my hands on their shoulder and pray for them. I absolutely love it when I have an opportunity to pray over someone and they are receptive to a message God has for them. I can see and feel the importance of the spoken prayer in the person’s countenance; sometimes I can see their fear over an upcoming surgery melt away, or their apprehension over a life decision soften.

All I did was speak to God and they heard what I said. It is remarkable to me when they come back to tell me they experienced an unexplainable peace, and that from the moment of hearing the prayer they felt the presence of God all the way through their experience. They experienced their connection to God in their present circumstance and understood in their moment that they were not alone in a profound way.

This is the power of prayer. I am not special in any way, its not about me. I don’t do anything that anyone else cannot do. You see, I truly believe God hears me, I truly believe he hears you too. I believe that the spoken prayer is a conduit for a person and God to connect; like introducing two people to be friends. Sometimes we have our doubts and fears and hearing another person’s faith is what we need to lift us up and give us courage.

As people of faith this is something we are called to do. 1Timothy 2:1 says “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people.” NIV

Capt. Leslie Cyr is an officer in the Salvation Army at 911 E Second st. For more information go to


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