Man faces felony in check-kiting ring



A California man with a history of criminal fraud is in custody in connection with a check-kiting ring that cost the Topaz Lodge a reported $30,000.

George Carlin Beatty, 47, appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Friday on felony warrant charging him with burglary and bad check charges.

Beatty was extradited to Douglas County from California where he has a federal wire fraud conviction in 2018, according to Prosecutor Erik Levin. He said Beatty is accused of personally being responsible for $4,000 in bad checks.

Levin said that Beatty appeared to have a 36-month probation and partial revocation.

Defense attorney Matthew Ence said the incident occurred almost a year ago and asked for his bail to be reduced to $1,500.

Beatty said he didn’t know he had court in Douglas County.

“I have a job and I’d like to take care of this matter,” he said.

Justice of the Peace Cassandra Jones set his bail at $10,000 and ordered him to stay away from the Topaz Lodge if he makes bail.

Two men were arrested on Jan. 19 after they returned after cashing checks made out to the California Department of Transportation in Bishop.

Jonathan Lee Schofield, 35, and Henry Jesse Martinez, 58, were taken into custody after casino workers recognized them from a previous incident.

Schofield died before he could be sentenced in May. Martinez was sentenced to 1-4 years in prison on May 11 and paroled the following month, according to the Nevada Department of Corrections.


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