Douglas active coronavirus cases rocket past recoveries

The second largest increase in new coronavirus cases was reported on Saturday with 94 Douglas County residents testing positive.

The surge increases the number of active cases to 672, far exceeding the 568 recoveries.

Effective 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Mono County has been placed under the California Department of Public Health regional stay-at-home order after emergency rooms in its region dropped below 15 percent available ICU beds . The three-week order prohibits private gatherings of any size, and closes sector operations except for critical infrastructure and retail in an effort to limit the transmission and spread of coronavirus.

Mono is included in the Southern California region where 87.5 percent of intensive care unit beds are occupied. The threshold for the stay-at-home orders is 85 percent. Both Alpine and El Dorado counties are in the greater Sacramento region, which is at 78.6 percent ICU bed capacity.

On Friday, Carson City Health and Human Services included graphs that showed data about Douglas County deaths on the website.

Five of the half-dozen Douglas County residents who’ve died from coronavirus were 70 years or older, according to the data.

Two-thirds of the deaths were among men, and half were men over the age of 70.

Both women who succumbed to the virus were 70 or older. The only younger victim was a man in his 40s.

After the Nov. 24 spike that reported 264 new cases, the daily number of positive cases have dropped down into the 30s.

Over the five days, Douglas added 115 new positive cases.

However, the number of active cases caught up to and surpassed the number of recoveries, showing the infection is spreading in the county.

On Friday, Douglas had 582 active cases of the virus with 564 recoveries, the first time since the very earliest weeks of the pandemic that the number of residents who had the virus exceeded those who’d survived.

Douglas had actually pretty low coronavirus numbers compared to neighboring Carson City and Lyon County for most of the pandemic.

The capital reported 1,228 active cases on Saturday with 1,642 recoveries and 27 deaths. Lyon reported 712 active cases, 790 recoveries and 21 deaths.

Storey County remains the only jurisdiction in Nevada to remain below all of the state’s criteria. Only Lincoln County is is flagged for all three. The other counties in Nevada are meeting the average number of tests per day. Douglas is falling behind in the rate of cases over 30 days and test positivity over two weeks, with a two-week lag time.

On Thursday, Carson City Health and Human Services’ Jeanne Freeman explained to county commissioners that the cases and deaths in Douglas were expressed as a rate that could be applied across the state.

In the case of Douglas, its 1,075 cases per 100,000 over the past 30 days means the actual number, is doubled to account for the roughly 50,000 people who live in the county.

Hospitalizations at Carson Valley Medical Center hit 10 on Dec. 2, dropping to five on Dec. 4.


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