Climate change topic of conference

A virtual conference organized by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby will host a virtual conference on Saturday.

While the conference was scheduled last week, the Nevada Climate Initiative released a strategy for the state online at

Johns Hopkins Political Science Professor Hahrie Han and Braver Angels Director of Public Outreach John Wood Jr. are the keynote speakers at the virtual conference 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dec. 5.

Lobby Group Leader Chas Macquarie said they’ve been working with Rep. Mark Amodei’s office.

“In June, we met with Ken Brooke of Congressman Amodei’s office, discussing HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act,” Macquarie said. “This bill would put a gradually increasing fee on fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, creating market forces to drive a transition to clean sources of energy. The collected fees would be returned monthly to all American households to spend as they see fit. Our group included the President of Carson Medical Group, the Chairman of the Board of Carson-Tahoe Regional Medical Center and the CEO of the Solup Solar Co.”

The state released its climate strategy on Tuesday that showed that without climate action, the state will fall 4 percent short of its greenhouse gas emissions goal for 2025 and 19 percent short of the 2030 goal.

Wildfires and drought is one of the key takeaways for Nevada, which is one of the driest states in the union.

“Coupled with ever-growing intensity and frequency of wildfires, droughts, and floods, climate change represents an urgent threat to Nevada’s communities, economy, and our natural, cultural, and recreational resources,” said Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Director Bradley Crowell.

Nevada Department of Agriculture Director Jennifer Ott pointed out that agriculturalists often lead conservation efforts.

“Farmers and ranchers are often on the forefront of conservation efforts as the nation’s food and fiber industries rely on clean, plentiful water and healthy soils,” she said. “The agriculture industry relies on policies that encourage all Nevadans to become stewards of the land.”

To participate in the climate lobby’s conference, register at

The conference is open to the public and members of the media, and it is free to attend.


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