Letters to the Editor for September 18, 2019

Americans were never bound by socialist dictatorships

I am astonished by the letter from Kelly Madigan who stated that the United States “was founded because there were some people who wanted a better way of life and were fed up with being restrained by socialist dictatorships.”

I don’t believe George III, king of England from 1760-1820, ever considered himself a “socialist.” Also, the Prime Minister in the British Parliament (hardly a dictatorship) from 1770-1782m, was Lord North, a Tory. In political terms, the Conservatives (Tories) are the exact opposite of the Labor Party (Socialists) even to the present day. Would President Trump heap praise on the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, if he was a socialist dictator?

For the record, the first Labour government in the United Kingdom was in 1924 under Ramsay Macdonald.

Richard Arguile

Carson City


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