Winner of Carson Proud essay contest thankful to be living here

Carson City is a special place and, as the city continues to grow and prosper, many are looking to relocate here for a myriad of reasons.

Through the years, Carson City has changed. There have been good times and there have been times that, as Thomas Paine wrote, “have tried men’s souls.” We’ve lost some historic and iconic structures but have bounced back in the good times. The biggest recent changes occurred in 2016 with the reimagining of the downtown core that continues today.

The city launched a CarsonProud campaign during 2015 to keep citizens informed every step of the way during the revitalization. That campaign continues and since we are about to start the next phase of the reimaging in South Carson, we wanted to learn whether residents were, indeed, Carson Proud.

The winner of the Chamber’s essay contest was Robin Christy. In her thoughtful poem, Christy echoes the thoughts of many residents and had the chance to tell Mayor Robert Crowell her thoughts as she lunched with him at Mangia Tutto Pizzeria e Ristorante.

Christy is a 23-year resident, formerly of Lynwood, Calif. She is currently a field representative for the U.S. Census Bureau. When asked why she entered the essay contest she stated, “I submitted my poem because I love this city and I’m very thankful to be living here.”

A graduate of the C.I.R.C.L.E.S. program, Christy is a Master Gardener and Certified Nurseryman and the founder of Flora and Fauna Greenworks. C.I.R.C.L.E.S founder Shelly Aldean remembers her as “a hardworking, self-reflective free spirit.” This is reflected in her poem.

She doesn’t write poetry unless “I’m inspired,” and dedicated the poem to her mother who has always been supportive of her writing. We are happy the contest has inspired her to showcase her talent.


Why am I #CarsonProud?

There’s so many reasons to give

To express my love and gratitude

For such an awesome place to live.

I can see from my front yard

As I’m sipping my morning tea

Bears and deer roaming the park

Just as free as can be.

As Nevada’s capital city

We need to look better

Our recent enhancements

Have made us a trendsetter.

Founded in 1864

Yet downtown looks brand new

155 years later we’re still rollin’

A wider street and newly planted trees enhance the view.

We cherish our wildlife

Our flora and fauna display

I was so happy to see

We became the 76th Bee City, USA.

Freshly planted trees

Sanctuary to the bees

Wider main street for folks to shop and eat

Benches to sit, chat and greet.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe, the jewel of the Sierras

Is just 30 minutes away

So are our lovely mountains to ski and hike

You could do both in one day.

From concerts to art festivals

Museums, parks and pow wows

There’s so much to do here

Vegas, eat your heart out!

The refreshing scent of sage and pine

New things that I hold dear

I foresee like a prophetess

I’ll probably pass over Jordan here.

Joy and pain, sunshine and rain

We showed the world it’s a fact.

Even in the midst of tragedy

We‘ve got each others’ backs.

Our first responders are warriors

Throughout any weather

They work hard to keep Carson safe

And National Night Out brings us together.

The majestic eagle guards the portals of our town

With wings aspread from North to South.

Sacred bird of our city since days of old.

Patron Saint Kit Carson, shimmers blue and bold.

Ghost hunting in Virginia City.

Diggin’ for clams in our river

So much to see and do

Our state metal is silver.

My love of Carson will last

As Magick is my path

This woman’s spell is cast

The high desert is so vast.

But the funnest thing I ever did here fast

Was ride with Blinky Man, what a blast!

A vibrant artsy counter culture scene

Fits a desert poetess just like me

As a California transplant from South Central L.A.

I love the lack of crime and much slower pace.

The people, the wildlife, the lake, the tone.

Makes me so proud to call Carson City home.


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