Joanne Musselman Evenson Cash

Joanne Musselman Evenson Cash

Joanne Musselman Evenson Cash

Joanne Musselman Evenson Cash Sept. 29, 1937 ~ Oct. 13, 2019

 Joanne passed away peacefully after a long series of illnesses at her home in Lovelock, Nevada. She was born in Oakland, California in 1937, joining her brother Franklyn (Frankie as she called him) in the home of their parents Fred and Frances Musselman.

Fred owned a service station at the time of her birth, Frances was a homemaker. In the spring of 1947 the family moved to Carson City, Nevada, where Fred operated the Musselman Motel (later the Sands and currently the Warren Inn). Joanne liked to tell the story of the blizzard of '52 and having to dig tunnels to get to the motel rooms. She graduated from Carson City High School in 1955. Joanne was not a star student or athlete, but she was a star at having a good time, much of which involved fast cars, smoking, drinking, parties and generally raising hell. Even if you didn't meet her until two weeks ago, this information comes as no surprise.

She met the love of her life Phil Evenson during those years and they married a few weeks before her 18th birthday on September 1, 1955. From the stories she told, the high school lifestyle didn't change any, they just got older and spent more money at it. While Phil was generally employed as a mechanic and later ran his own body shop, Joanne was employed for the State of Nevada in the Vital Statistics Department and worked at the motel on the side. Several moves took place around Carson City, even one to Lake Tahoe, over those years but Carson City was always home. In 1967 she quit her job and, after years of trying to have a family, they adopted Steve and brought him home as their only child. Fred passed a year and a half later.

In the 70's, her life was raising Steve, taking care of her mom, and helping with the motel. Joanne loved to drive her (custom painted by Phil) light purple Lincoln Continental, with an 8 track player that absolutely rocked Neil Diamond tunes all. day. long. She spent every day trying to be the best wife, mother and daughter she could. Joanne was the sister the Evenson boys (Phil was one of six boys) never had and was a integral part of the Evenson family until her death.

However, by the end of that decade her marriage to Phil was crumbling and ended. Around that same time her mother, without notice, sold the motel. Joanne went back to work full time for the NDOC. Frances also needed more and more help and Joanne made it her mission to take the best care of her mom that she could. With all that going on, she remarried and hoped for some help. Shortly after that Frances became terminally ill with lung cancer, and Alzheimer's, and passed away in 1985. Joanne and John then moved to Las Vegas and remained there for a decade before she moved back to Carson City. Without John.

After a few years in Carson City, and after surviving colon cancer, she moved to Lovelock to see Steve and her grandchildren. She was a regular at family meals and would relish seeing her grand kids as often as she could. Joanne loved penguins and her home decor and jewelry made that very clear. She was an avid sports fan and was the biggest fan of the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants and Oakland A's you could ever meet. She also would watch anything with wheels on it trying to go faster than something else with wheels on it. She loved AJ Foyt, Tony Stewart and now, Chase Elliott.

Joanne was renowned for her quick wit, sailor's language, and no nonsense approach to everything. She could write backwards and forwards with both hands. At the same time. She was a walking history book of her and the Evenson family. She was absolutely adored by her grandchildren whom she would do anything for (except pick which one gets her Corvette) and is survived by Steve, his wife Catherine, and Steve's children Vince, Maddy, Will, Mallory and Ainsleigh and Vince and Maddy's mom Jami, who was always there for her. She also leaves behind a flock of Evenson nieces and nephews and their kids who loved and adored her as well.

She is joining Fred, Frances, Frankie, and Phil in heaven and her beloved animals (cats Daisy and Charlie and dogs Rocky, Adrian, Helga, Harry and Tasha) will meet her there too.

A memorial service will be held at the Catholic Hall in Lovelock, Nevada on Saturday October 19, 2019 at 2pm. Burial will be in Carson City will be private.

 Her life had more than its share of hardship. But she demonstrated day in and day out not to ever give up. She was loved far more than she knew, needed more than she imagined, and will be forever missed. We love you Gramma!!! 

 Arrangements are in the care of Smith Family Funeral Home, 775-423-2255.


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