You might be a hypocrite if ....

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy has made a name for himself with his “You might be a redneck if...” series. I have actually seen Foxworthy live. He is hilarious and quick-witted. There have been many people try to copy his idea. Here is my contribution.

You might be a hypocrite if you bash capitalism from your smart phone over the internet using social media while sitting in your comfortable chair in your privately constructed building.

You might be a hypocrite if you support late-term abortion but oppose the death penalty. In fact if you are pro-choice but oppose the death penalty you might fit this category.

You might be a hypocrite if you call for impeaching Trump after you used your influence as vice president to enrich your son in Ukraine and then forced removal of a Ukrainian prosecutor intent on prosecuting the son by threatening to withhold funds.

You might be a hypocrite if you support gun control but won’t give up your armed bodyguards. With that thought in mind, you might be a hypocrite if you support not enforcing immigration laws but want new laws regulating firearms. Further, the venue for the Democrat national convention is having a large wall constructed around it to restrict entry to those with proper credentials. You know, the party whose complete slate of presidential candidates, as well as nearly all the representatives and senators, oppose the border wall and advocate no barriers to entry.

You might be a hypocrite if you support climate change but still fly around in your private jet. Or for that matter, if you drive a car. Or if you buy items that have been trucked in from elsewhere. Or use electricity that has been generated from natural gas, nuclear, or coal. When you live off the grid, grow your own food, and make your own clothing then I will listen to your concerns.

You might be a hypocrite if you support socialism but turn a blind eye to the plight of the Venezuelan people now suffering from a socialist regime.

You might be a hypocrite if you support taxing the rich but throw a fit if you are classified as “rich.” Middle class is the new rich when it comes to taxes.

You might be a hypocrite if you decry “cultural appropriation” over dinner at the new hot spot ethnic restaurant.

You might be a hypocrite if you demand safe spaces on campus to protect you from hate speech, at least whatever hate speech is that meets your definition, while supporting the right of the hate group Antifa to incite violence. However, anyone wearing a MAGA hat is to be attacked, verbally or physically, while protest violence is acceptable.

You might be a hypocrite if you automatically call anyone who disagrees with you a racist, sexist, or homophobe while simultaneously demanding that your speech be unhampered.

You might be a hypocrite if you demand that any conservative accused of any sexual misconduct be removed from public office without due process while ignoring misbehavior of a Democrat. This was most notable recently with the Virginia governor and lieutenant governor both getting a pass when the next in line for the office was a Republican.

You might be a hypocrite if you oppose politicizing the legal system unless it is a Democrat making judicial appointments.

You might be a hypocrite if you supported immigration detention centers and separating children temporarily from their parents when Obama was president but not when Trump is president. Likewise, President Clinton enacted and implemented a law which added expedited removal proceedings to immigration law, but that is opposed when Trump tries to enforce the same law.

Here is an ironic twist. Amazon’s answer to gun violence is to ban ads for books about ending gun violence. Oh, and 53 people died from gun violence last month. 40,000 died from effects of obesity.

Without a doubt, hypocrisy can be found in both political parties. It is just that it is so much more prevalent and easier to find from the left. I can always tell when I touch a liberal nerve. I get supposedly anonymous letters for those who disagree with my views and a rebuttal column from liberal counterparts. Both are usually full of opinions attempted to be disguised as facts, attacks on minutia as an attempt to discredit the main point, innuendos, and sometimes outright lies. That is good, it keeps me going. Bring it on.


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