Letters to the Editor for November 27, 2019

Trump’s behavior is indicative of brainwashing public

After reading “The Mueller Report,” it painted a picture, a pattern of behavior in Trump’s conduct and Trump’s intent.

Trump fired Comey because he would not drop the Flynn Russian investigation nor would he absolve Trump from the Russian investigations. Then Trump directs Don McGahn to call Rosenstein to have the special counsel Mueller removed, and so on. When Trump does not get his way or is covering up a questionable act, he has others do his dirty work. Just look at the White House turnover during this administration.

This presidency has mirrored being in a domestic violent relationship where the perpetrator keeps changing his story to benefit himself, then continues the verbal abuse to control the public through all the chaos. All the negative Trump rhetoric on Twitter points to a form of brainwashing the American public.

The “fake news” only exists in Trump’s tweets. He never won the popular vote in 2016 and most likely did not legitimately win the presidency. The Russian influence through hacked social media accounts and fabricated stories on Clinton may have swayed a few states to vote red.

Read “The Mueller Report” and become enlightened voters. Your democracy is at stake. Some Republicans ought to lift the woolen blinds and see the light!

Annie Burke

Carson City

Columnist ignored basic facts on climate change

I found Dennis Cassinelli’s Nov. 13 commentary about climate change most disappointing. Although his discussions of past climates in the Great Basin were essentially correct, he ignored the accepted (including by those in the Desert Research Institute) scientific association between the current relatively accelerated global warming and the modern release of greenhouse gasses. That “Not everyone believes in the theory of climate change or global warming being caused by the activities of mankind” is certainly, sadly, true, just as “not everyone” believes that the world is round.

The effect of atmospheric greenhouse gases blocking the radiation of heat from the earth is a basic fact of atmospheric physics, which I would have thought Cassinelli would have been at least exposed to in his engineering education at UNR.

The current global concentration of C02, 407.4 ppm, is the highest in at least 800,000 years. The CO2 concentration was never as high during the past glacial altathermals. For those interested in facts rather than opinions, a clear graph of CO2 concentrations over time and other facts about of global warming is at www.climate.gov/news-features/understanding-climate/climate-change-atmospheric-carbon-dioxide.

Our current understanding of past global climates include the effects of changes in solar radiation, changes in the earth’s orbit and the impact of major volcanic events. None of these explain the current, and predicted future, rapid global warming without including the effects of man’s release of greenhouse gasses. Apparently, not only politicians need to be educated about this but also Cassinelli.

Jon Nowlin

Carson City

Middle school class dialogue on climate change was encouraging

I joined my granddaughter, Sophia Whatley, this week as she started a Climate Club at Carson Middle School. The classroom was full of seventh graders during their 35-minute lunch period talking about what’s happening to our planet and what they can do to stop the warming.

They were enthusiastic, polite, thoughtful and engaged, and it was delightful being an active observer. Every class I passed was impressive.

We can be very proud of, and grateful for, what’s happening in our classrooms.

All CMS students are invited to join us on Tuesdays at second lunch in room 24.

There is no Planet B.

The earth is calling us to work to keep it livable.

Midge Breeden

Carson City

Protesters deserve equal consideration regardless of issue

Why do strangers give you the finger?

On Oct. 17, five men and one woman, in their respective cars, gave me the finger. Why? I was holding a sign among a group of people standing in front of the Carson Legislature building, gathered for a anti-impeachment rally. My sign: “Speak Louder: Re-elect President Trump.” Our group did not return obscene gestures or curses; I only heard: “Go back to California!” Notably, those insults were only about 8 percent of the total people in cars that passed by. Most gave us a honk or a thumbs up! Our group was not threatening, nor did we bother the single woman across the street holding her Trump caricature sign: “Lock him up.” Our group was peaceful and waved back at supporters.

I do not understand why strangers give obscene gestures. Think about it. People in some foreign countries that behave badly in public can be arrested or killed. Would that same person like his child, wife, mother or grandmother insulted that way? Channel your anger in a positive way.

My daddy fought at Pearl Harbor, Normandy and Korea so Americans can continue to speak freely and to give his daughter obscene gestures. He probably would be angry and not understand, but even though he died in 1960 when I was 8, “he” still protects me. Please follow the golden rule; it is not complicated.

Debbie Brown Cutshaw


Adam Schiff

I believe that regardless of the outcome of the impeachment proceedings, Rep. Adam Schiff will replace Sen. Joe McCarthy as the stereotype of what is wrong with American politics.

Rep. Schiff repeatedly claimed he had evidence of President Trump colluding with the Russians. For reasons known only to him, Rep. Schiff has failed to produce this evidence. This has resulted in a concern, by many, about his integerity.

I believe Rep. Schiff feels his leadership in the hearings will help in vindicating his integerty but his actions are increasing concerns about them. Concerns have been expressed about his control of the questioning of those testifing in the closed sessions, and concerns have been expressed about his control of testimony from the closed sessions.

He repeatedly stated the whistleblower would testify but now will not allow it. His reasoning is for protection of the individual but why didn’t he think of this when making all his prior statements.

He has refused to allow individuals, requested by Republican members of the committee, to appear before the committee.

I feel Rep. Schiff’s actions are contrary to his constituents belief in the American idea of “fair play” and equal justice.

I also feel Rep. Schiff’s actions are contrary to the beliefs of the great Democratic ideals of FDR, Harry Truman and JFK and are detrimental to current members of his party.

Sanford Deyo


Children’s museum successful under new leadership

The Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada is thriving under its new director, Chris Brandon. Last Saturday, we took our grandson for the Indigenous Peoples Day. Our grandson delighted in the exhibits and play areas, from the climbing area to the electric train (Thomas Tank Engine). We recommend that parents and grandparents keep on the alert for more events at the Children’s Museum.

Day and Robin Williams

Carson City


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