Letters to the Editor for November 23, 2019

Appeal missed opportunity to represent veterans in cover photos

I saw your front page photo of Cadet Lt. Mia Liao handing out candy to a young lady at the Carson City Veterans Day Parade with the caption, “Honoring Veterans” on Nov. 13.

I attended the Veterans Day Parade in Virginia City. I am a Vietnam veteran and proudly wear clothing during these festivities that shows my veteran status. During the parade, numerous young people approached me and presented me with handmade cards thanking me for my service and for protecting our freedoms. They also approached others that they could identify as veterans and gave them these wonderful cards as well.

Although it is great that many of the parade participants bring candy to hand out to the children lining the parade route, I believe you missed a very good opportunity to show actual veterans being honored by the children with these heartwarming and incredibly moving handwritten cards. I know I was brought to tears more than once as I was approached and thanked for my service, not only by the children with the cards, but also by many of the parade participants, a thing that was sorely lacking on my return from the Vietnam War in early 1969.

Please, the next time you want to caption a photo as honoring veterans, show a veteran being honored, not a young man or young lady being handed some candy.

Lynn Rader, SP/4 U.S. Army, Vietnam, 1967-69



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