Ronald Melvin Bardarson

Ronald Melvin Bardarson

Ronald Melvin Bardarson

Ronald Melvin Bardarson
April 20, 1955 ~ November 4, 2019

Ronald “Ron” Melvin Bardarson died on November 4, 2019, during open heart surgery. Ron was born on April 20, 1955 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, to parents Melvin Ronald Bardarson and Marlene May Bardarson. He was proud of his Icelandic and Canadian heritage, and held dual citizenship.

Ron had a brilliant, inquiring mind and an engaging, friendly personality. He enjoyed meeting people of any age, discussing and debating issues, and solving problems in unique ways. During his lifetime he pursued a range of interests and studies, often simultaneously.

Ron was a high school honor’s graduate, and on the Commandant’s list when he attended the United States Naval Academy, 28th Company. He was proud of his Naval Academy service, but left after two years to pursue other interests. Ron was on the Dean’s List at the University of California, graduated with a Major in Physics, B.S. with Honors, and was an Honor member of Sigma Pi Sigma.

As a physicist with an electronic background, Ron held Top Secret clearances, working for government contractors throughout the world, supporting the U.S. military through electronic surveillance. He worked on test flights for the U-2 and TR-1. Ron and another team member were quietly credited for an electronic program that helped save an airman during Desert Storm.

After leaving California for Nevada, Ron pursued a range of interests. He returned to ham radio, call sign W7FIA, then WT7AA, and volunteered with the Carson City ham radio club as a test proctor. Ron competed as a single operator, low power, 20 meters, and received a certificate of merit, placing No. 1, U.S. 7th Call Area, in 2015. He humorously calculated his placement as 5th in the U.S., 9th in North America and 85th in the world. Ron was a ham radio operator for over 25 years.

Ron loved flying (after spending many hours in ‘his’ airplane), and became a glider pilot at Minden, Nevada, where he was awarded the “Symons Wave Memorial” plaque and Lennie pin number 1624 for his outstanding wave flight. Ron also assisted in a survey of Nevada airports for glider pilots.

The solar system, comets, space and stars remained a continuing interest, and Ron volunteered numerous hours at the local observatory, often working with students. He joined the Friends of the Nevada Railway Museum, and was a steam train enthusiast. Recently Ron also joined and assisted the Carson Rifle and Pistol Club.

Ron is survived by Jessica Lynn Bardarson, Christiane Filippa Bardarson and Erik Gustave Bardarson, of New York. Ron was loved by his Nevada ‘family’, his friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

Services will be held at the Veterans Cemetery, 14 Veterens Way in Fernley, Nevada on Wednesday, November 20th at 1:00 pm. 

In lieu of flowers please make a donation in his name to the Friends of the Nevada Railway Museum.

“Oh, I have slipped the bonds of Earth, and danced the skies on laughter silvered wings.” Until we meet again, Clouddancer.

Arrangements are in the care of Nevada Funeral Services, 775-883-5500.


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