Letters to the Editor for November 13, 2019

Great job, Public Works

Joe and the crew at the Public Works street division have exuded much professionalism and consideration in maintaining the trees on our street. We are so appreciative as are our neighbors. They did a fabulous job.

Thank you,

Doreen and Lloyd Mack

Lofty Expressions

Rebuttal to business columnist’s stance on real estate rights

Well, another realtor heard from. Jim Valentine states (“When to object to change,” Oct. 26) that “things must be taken as a whole in the overall context, not just for you and your interests.” I would say that back to him. His only concern is his income, not the future of Carson City’s residents. He refers to inappropriate development as “a higher use.” It is not. It is a lower use. That is why we have a municipal code, to protect existing homeowners from inappropriate developments that “truly don’t fit in the neighborhood mix.” In fact, the municipal code states that it exists “to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare.”

Valentine suggests that residents wait until a development matter is at a public hearing before speaking up — if you do, you will be too late! Developers and realtors do not wait — they are busy lobbying elected and appointed officials from the moment they have an idea. I have seen many development plans come and go and I have never seen one that proposes less density than the zoning allows. They all want to stuff as much on the land as they can, regardless of zoning code. This would indicate on its face that the main concern of developers and realtors is income, not peaceful enjoyment of property. Valentine is concerned about “objections … which can have long term negative financial impacts.” Impacts on who? It is well known that residential development does not pay for itself in taxes versus services required. So, the taxpayers will not suffer longterm negative financial impacts, but realtors like Valentine just might.

It is ironic that his column appeared below a beautiful picture of deer on the Capitol grounds. He probably wants to do away with the native wildlife so he can pour more concrete. His article should have been on the OpEd page since it is not factual, just his opinion of how others should behave.

Wendy George

Carson City

Otter will be missed

A beautiful little otter … lived in the park on the south end of Stewart Street where it meets Carson Street. State employees used to watch for it, seeing it very curious.

At first it was thought to be a marmot or maybe a beaver. But it was a small adult otter living in the wet by the grass, with big eyes and inquisitive movements, with a mischievous look as it lived with a love of its grassy home.

Until this weekend, when someone killed it.

Humans left their bootprints in the mud, left the body of the small otter discarded, like it was nothing, next to its home in the damp grass.

Otter is in a better place now, where the beauty of the animals can be seen for the amazing creatures that they are and who love all with no conditions.

And we miss otter.

Joel Kirk

Carson City

U.S. Congress at work?

The U.S. Senate has approved a bill to make severe animal cruelty and torture a federal crime and the House passed an identical version of the bill in October and Trump is expected to sign the bill passed by Congress!

It is called the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act — the PACT ACT.

In 2010, Congress approved the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act, which made it illegal to create animal crushing videos, sell the videos or distribute the videos, but this law did not affect the legality of these actions.

My question for the Senate and House is, if you want to pass a bill to protect innocent animals, why do you not offer a bill to protect human lives at the beginning of their lives — conception?

Planned Parenthood, among others, has not only been killing the unborn humans, but they have been extracting body parts from live human beings and selling them as has been proven by pro-life journalist David Daleiden, who is currently facing trial in San Francisco as well as his co-defendant Sandra Merritt for exposing the diabolical actions of Planned Parenthood and their cohorts, who are accusing them of wrongfully exposing their horrors.

You imbeciles, evidently, do not know that you will be held accountable to God, the creator of all life, for caring more for some of his other creatures than for his human beings whom he not only made in his image and likeness, but gifted each human being with the unique gift of eternal life, which he did not give to any of his other creatures.

Try explaining your actions to God when you die.

Mary Santomauro



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