Letters to the Editor for November 6, 2019

Boxing club staff deserves praise

I just want to say Tazmanian Boxing Club is doing a great, wonderful job. The staff, the owner, Cisco, all of them, I mean from the bottom of my heart, keep up the wonderful and great job you are doing.

Kevin Marcella

Carson City

Two thoughts

1. If you give someone a simple narrative that quickly resolves anxiety and fear, most people will jump on it like a duck on a June bug with no consideration for whether or not it is true. The higher their fear and anxiety, the more prone to this behavior they are.

2. Because many Trump supporters are driven by fear of attack from the outside and put self-protection as high priority, that’s where you can get them. What you do is explain that one job of the Department of Energy is to keep track of and protect all nuclear materials in the U.S. Because Trump thinks government agencies are not useful, he attempted to slash their 2019 budget so they no longer would have the ability to guarantee that nuclear materials don’t get into hands of terrorists. This shuts them up fast.

Michael Goldeen

Carson City


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