Undermining the founders’ principles

I have written several times about the rise in socialistic views across our nation. Sadly, acceptance of and outright advocacy for socialism is now out in the open.

The left wing of the Democrat Party is in full force. Moderate Democrats who historically exerted at least some restraint are now being minimalized. At least in the House of Representatives, it seems to be full bore ahead to one, snub and thwart Trump, and two, get as many liberal agenda items out there as possible.

It was anticipated that there would be a power struggle between Nancy Pelosi and the newly elected congresswomen. These include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (dubbed AOC by the media) and Ilhan Omar, among others. That appears to not be the case. Rather, the power struggle is between Nancy Pelosi, who expects lockstep unison behind her demands, and moderate Democrats.

Liberal Democrats are going full out on several issues. One of the most ridiculed is AOC’s New Green Deal. This is a major proposal to “combat climate change” through several proposals so asinine as to have been mocked by even liberal media outlet CNN. It included such things as eliminating air travel between all 50 states by using high speed rail (Hawaii, anyone), banning ownership of cattle to eliminate methane gas emissions (no mention of other ruminants like sheep and goats), and requiring strict use of electric cars. It also required 100 percent use of alternative energy for electricity by 2030.

As a side note, Sen. Chuck Schumer is outraged that Senate Majority Leader McConnell is planning to bring the proposed New Green Deal legislation to the Senate floor for a vote. Schumer, who enthusiastically supported the bill until it underwent widespread mockery, apparently does not want to have his Democrat buddies declare a position on the bill by voting.

When that one didn’t get any traction they moved on to passing universal background checks for firearms transfers. Oddly, when Republicans added an amendment requiring that when illegal aliens applied for a background check they be referred to ICE, Democrats were incensed. In other words, their entire intent was to make it more difficult for law-abiding American citizens to protect themselves against problems, including from illegals.

Of course, you have heard the ongoing saga over the border wall. That is just one of many other agenda items. They also want to raise taxes, since that worked out so well for Obama.

The leftist media is working hand in glove with the Democrats to undermine the country as we know it. We are bombarded constantly with social issues such as gay rights, free college, “white privilege,” racism, sexism, and sundry other liberal catch phrases.

The most recent issue intended to undermine society is gender fluidity. I am not sure how this came to be. I have a strong background in science and one thing I learned that I am positive hasn’t changed is that gender is determined at conception. None of us get a choice about that. There is those basic X and Y chromosomes at work. Yet some want to be able to change their gender at will. Thus the term, “gender fluid.” Oddly, that terms sounds more like it fits with motor oil or diesel starting fluid than degrees of masculine or feminine. But that is just me.

President Reagan once said “Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.”

This is the goal of the socialist Democrat left. They have been working toward that goal for years. They now apparently feel they are close enough to reaching their goal that they can be brazenly public with their actions, and in so doing, co-opt our great nation and turn it into a form of socialism.

President Trump, for all his actual or imagined faults, has managed to create through a few simple steps a booming economy, the lowest unemployment rate in 30 years, and record low minority unemployment. He has eased the heavy foot of government oversight and regulation on businesses and individuals. He has done this despite the resistance from both political parties.

That divide between mainstream America and those who govern is evidenced by the fight over the border wall. If you like the renewed upward path of America then Trump needs your support. Let him know.

Tom Riggins can be reached at news@lahontanvalleynews.com.


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