The Popcorn Stand: Police shouldn't have to worry about Taco Bell coming out of its shells

One thing I’ve noticed about today’s society is we’ll call the police for any problem we have. I mean ANY PROBLEM we have. This has actually become a serious issue as law enforcement across the country are stretched to their limits dealing with calls they really shouldn’t be dealing with, which eventually hits we that taxpayers in the pocket. But the silliness of some of the calls police across the country receive never ceases to amaze me. A customer at a Taco Bell in Louisiana actually called the police because it ran out of hard and soft taco shells. I admit I do have a hard time understanding how a Taco Bell can run out of shells or a McDonald’s can run out of hamburger patties, although I guess they have to watch their supplies pretty closely to prevent waste and a sudden run of customers can cause something like that to happen. Predictably people went to social media to take their shots at the Taco Bell customer – and Taco Bell. Even the Slidell Police Department was a little snarky, posting on its Facebook page the lack of shells was “truly a travesty” but added the offense was out of its jurisdiction. One person posted on social media “Wow I’m not sure what’s the bigger crime calling the police for that stupidity or eating at Taco Bell.” Actually I love Taco Bell. I’ve written about this before, comedian Kathleen Madigan talks about Taco Bell keeps fooling us into thinking they serve all this great food when they have like five ingredients. There were also the typical puns on social media such as “Taco Dumbell” (although I’m not sure if this was referring to the customer or the restaurant or both) and of course this post: “Slidell police department, this is definitely NACHO problem.” My guess is nachos weren’t the problem as the Taco Bell probably still had those. Anyway, here’s my effort in adding to the piling on: Police shouldn’t have to worry about Taco Bell coming out of its shells. — Charles Whisnand


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