Letters to the Editor for June 1, 2019

President not in own country on Memorial Day is absolute lunacy

I will try to make this as simple as possible. LaSor, Muzzy, Knighton, Gerlach and any other Trump supporting fella, please answer me on this. Your president was on foreign soil, on Memorial Day, standing next to a murderous dictator. He disparaged a duly-elected former vice president agreeing with the dictator. If you think Biden is a joke, that’s OK, including your right to exercise free speech and thought. But tons of people in Delaware and the United States thought much differently for decades. He dedicated his life to public service, and millions thought he not only represented them but deserved their vote consistently. Your president sided with the thug Kim Jong Un, in juvenile name-calling and denigration, and for what purpose? Both displayed their own lunacy in a land of tyranny, starvation, and voting is nothing but a far-off dream.

Your president wasn’t at Normandy or Versailles or London, historical places that cemented our allegiance to allies who we fought alongside with, and died with, in our ultimate team endeavor to eliminate despots and dictators in the 20th century. And what for? The freedom to vote. To pursue life, liberty and happiness. To live and be free. He wasn’t even in his own country, the one he got deferments from to stay out of harm’s way during Vietnam. As my headline suggests. Absolute lunacy.

I’m dead serious, fellas. I want you to write to this newspaper and defend your guy on his actions. Memorial Day 2019. What did your president do to make Americans feel proud of their tremendous heritage of sacrifice and honor, not only to their own nation, but to freedom-loving nations around the world? He tweeted, lied and disparaged fellow Americans. I implore any one of you. Defend this stable genius if you can.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City

Boy Scout questions why weather determines casino winnings

My name is Alex Miner and I am a Boy Scout working on my communications merit badge. One of the requirements is to write to the editor of your local newspaper about a topic in the newspaper and your opinions about it. My topic is the weather cited as Nevada casino gaming win drops. Being too young to go, I think that this article is a little weird. Casinos have always been a luck thing. People go in to spend their money with a hope to win money, and they usually end up with less money than they started with. Casinos want people to come and spend their money and in return, they want to pay very little back. I am confused about why the casino would want to say that the chance of winning is decreased. Wouldn’t that be saying not to come because of a less chance of success?

Alex Miner

Carson City


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