Letters to the Editor for July 13, 2019

Owners of Los Garcias Restaurant help

We wish to thank the owners of Los Garcias Restaurant for cooking the best Mexican cuisine in Carson City. They are located on the corner of Winnie Lane and North Carson Street — address 2000 N. Carson St.

This is their 11th anniversary and we have seen them accomplish things that bring them so close to the people of our town. They have bragging rights as my wife and I saw two young boys, their sons, grow up before our eyes. The oldest just received his master’s degree in architecture and the youngest graduated high school with three scholarship offers. If you like Mexican food, stop in; you will be treated with kindness and have one of the finest meals to boot.

Dave and Jackie Ramer

Carson City

Thank you from family of Steven Vecchiarelli

It has been a year that our “Stevie” left us, yet not for a moment has he not been present in our hearts and minds. We wish to send a thank you to all those who attended his “Celebration of Life.” You came with food, with tables, chairs and radiated love to all with hugs, condolences and just being there for us. We think Stevie smiled down on us all that day. Again, from our hearts, thanks for being there.

The Vecchiarelli family


Government should put needs of its own first

I suspect that many humanitarians will hate the perspective of this letter, and it is only my view of the matter, however, I suspect hundreds will say I could not have said it better. Our government should not have to be the guardians of lawbreakers. It costs millions of taxpayers’ money to house and hold the hoards trying to get into this country. Then, the “do-gooders” want us to supply hotel-style services to this breakers of our laws when, if you break the law in our own country, you get prison-style services. Where is the logic in these humanitarians’ minds? I understand “kindness and compassion” more than anyone else as I volunteer for seniors with needs, yet I also am smart enough to use common sense where it comes to all our needs in our own country for our own people who are suffering and in great need of our kindness and compassion. I never hear the protestors for illegal aliens saying one word for our needy seniors, our helpless, abused children, our homeless, our abused women and our own hungry. Let’s hear a hurray for our Americans before we house the world!

Lenora Ramirez


Closing lids on cans before moving will prevent accidents

A word of caution regarding our big garbage cans: Always close the lid on the big garbage can before pushing them. The cans easily tip backward and if the lid is open, the wheels will continue to allow the can to continue moving forward while the lid does not. It touches the ground and stays there. There’s no way to “catch” yourself because the can is moving away from you. There is a cautionary “Close Lid Before Moving” embossed into the inside of the lid, but it’s the same color as the lid itself and I never saw it until after I fell flat on my face. It wasn’t until my husband also tripped while pushing the can that he noticed the caution printed on the inside of the lid.

Pat Hamilton

Carson City

A call for civility and logic

It is dismaying to see so many polemic diatribes. Anyone with a differing belief (particularly regarding politics and economics) is so often attacked as either stupid or evil. These attacks are usually derived from extreme bias to the exclusion of logic. They are counterproductive at trying to convince anyone to move toward a particular belief; and most are beliefs rather than facts. Any belief can be supported through confirmation bias to which we all tend to fall victim. W.V. Quine’s “Web of Belief” describes this in an intellectual and profound manner.

Political commentator David Brooks should be the standard that inspires all of us. He comes as close as anyone I know to presenting political and economic commentary in a civil manner with logic and deference.

Perhaps this is because of his high moral and ethical standards as well as his knowledge of history and psychology.

“Going for the jugular” changes no minds and wins no arguments. It makes the attacked person “dig in their heels” regarding their beliefs. It is a waste of time and counterproductive. Showing deference for a person’s beliefs and presenting reasonable and civil arguments why a different belief should be adopted would be much more effective.

The world would be a better place if we could all model ourselves after Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. That is my belief.

Randy Grossmann

Carson City


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