Trina Machacek: Clearing the air about winter scents

Ah, winter! That time of the year when all things are kept warmly inside. Like the air in your home that’s usually changed out when you can actually open the doors and windows and let fresh air in. I miss fresh air. I want fresh air. But alas, when I can’t even chisel off the ice covering my thermometer, the doors and windows of my house are kept closed tight keeping warm in and cold out. Thus enters the “fresh as whatever” daily barrage of ads pummeled at us all to keep our homes well, fresh as whatever.

I’ve come to rely on a sniffy candle to restore a sense of freshness to my winter air. Picking one to get just the right scent is nearly futile. Taking a trip down the candle aisle in any store that offers candles is like asking a 5-year-old which ice cream flavor they want — they want it all! Where else can I smell everything from Arid Desert to Zucchini Bread? I’ve fallen several times down rabbit holes stuffed and tamped full of jars of wax and oils that are akin to Butter Rum Soaked Holly Berries or Lemon Wheat Grass and New Car Smell. Now let’s just take a moment to breathe in, take a whiff or two and find just which wonderful candle scent it would take to make those nose hairs dance a jig? Ahhh, maybe New Baby with a hint of Soft Kitten.

When you get your fill of candles or you just don’t feel that special scent, you can always take a walk down the aromatic air freshener aisle. Oh, my stars and garters, that’s a trip. You can spray the air, your furniture or carpets or curtains. You spray the air or you can infuse the air. Sorry, I don’t know the difference. Do you want to stand in your kitchen and feel like you’re knee-deep in Wild Lavender in a Springtime Mountain Meadow? No, actually I want to stand in my kitchen and smell the taco seasoning I just used to make a pan full of tacos, thank you very much. But maybe two days later, I might give a thought to erasing that taco-onion-cilantro via some Pine Freshness with just a hint of Almond Butter and Apples.

Don’t you, about the middle of January, start to daydream of a day nice enough to throw open the windows and let some of the crisp winter air in? I do. Commercials tell me my house is full of “soft” surfaces that will accumulate and hold on to all the smelliness of people, pets and products. For that reason there’s a slight chance if you stop by to visit I may be sitting inside wearing a coat and ear muffs with the windows open. Don’t concern yourself I’m just changing the air. Kinda like back flushing the cooling system in my car — after so many days and meals and whatnots, things just need to be re-circulated.

Oh I feel the need to say this last little sniffy nugget. I give candles as gifts and recently I realized how that could be taken in such a terrible way. I give candles because I like them. I enjoy walking into the aroma as I travel up and down the hall in my home. I give candles so my friends also will have that experience. But someone I gave a candle to asked if I thought they needed the smell of a candle in their home. NO! No to all those I’ve given a candle to; you don’t “need” a candle. For the same reason I give little soaps or sniffy lotion, you don’t need them. I give them because I want the recipient to enjoy them. Just needed to make that clear. But! Yep, I’m lighting up a “but” here. But do I need them? Wow, I have no idea. I live here so whatever is in the air, I’m immune to. Maybe I need to light my Bourbon Sugar and Feathered Snow, tri level-multi colored, aroma infused glow in the dark candle. Better to be safe than sorry. Wait, just a second here… Don’t all candles glow in the dark? Man that was the advertising line that got me to buy the sniffy little thing. I’m such a soft touch. Oh, I just bought one that’s called Soft Touch. Made just for yours truly, huh?

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