Rick Van Elfen: Democratic captain’s log of U.S. government

Star Date 01/03/2019: Commander Pelosi has just regained the helm of the USS Enterprise. Her able officers, Captains Schiff, Nadler and Cummings, are present on the deck.

Commander: “Captains, are you ready for your missions?”

Schiff: “Yes, Commander. We are poised to enforce the Prime Directive afforded to us by the electorate just two short moons ago. We shall show that we can walk and chew gum at the same time. First, we shall write and pass legislation that is beneficial to all citizens of the nation, not just the racists, homophobes, gun owners and Christians. We shall pass legislation reversing the damage and destruction of Treasonous Trump and his crony clan of conspirators that caused serious harm to our people of color, our laws and institutions, our environment, and our standing among other nations on this planet.”

“Captain Nadler, tell us more.”

Nadler: “Commander, we shall use all available remedies afforded by the Prime Directive to bring those to justice, according to our codes, who purposefully, intentionally and hatefully abandoned the rule of law, written down in the sacred halls of Philadelphia more than 200 years ago. The power of subpoena shall be used wisely and with discretion. But make no mistake ... those cabinet members, those family members, those lawyers and close friends, those Russians and other foreign operatives, those lawmakers in power who eschewed their trust of the people, by the people and for the people, shall be investigated, indicted, charged and tried by a jury of their peers, if facts warrant such decisions. And the most treasonous of all and his followers will find out once and for all ... that no man is above the law.”

“Captain Cummings, I yield to your seniority.”

Cummings: “Commander, as you know, I was beaten, assaulted and perceived as second class long before this ship was ever built, more than 50 years ago, by those who did not respect the rule of law. I believe that my fellow captains will perform their mission with honor and bravery and fight to remedy all the wrong that has gone on these last two years. As for me, in my twilight years, I will again take up the mantle of civil and voting rights for everyone. I will not rest until this nation recognizes that a true democracy, a true society of values meant for all, includes the mandate, and the guarantee, that no citizen, no government entity, no political party, ever has the power to prevent a legal human being in our country to cast their vote.”

Commander: “So, Captains. We are in agreement then?”

Schiff: “Yes, Commander. We shall seek out and explore new truths. We shall restore the rule of law so that order may follow. We shall boldly go where no Republican coward has dared to go!”

Rick Van Alfen is a Carson City resident.


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