Inga Silver: Immoral to build a wall?

No, Nancy, what’s immoral is you and your spineless power-hungry cohorts appear not to care for the average American worker.

We have thousands of citizens sleeping on the streets who were once gainfully employed, paying taxes, contributing to society, only to lose their jobs to low-wage immigrants.

Let us not forget our brave men and women who put their lives in danger for us and are homeless. You (we) should hang our heads in shame.

The monies allocated to illegal immigrants could do much to alleviate the injustice for our citizens.

The estimate for free health care is a whopping $18 billion, which we, the older generation, simply pay for. Let us not forget the 63 percent who are on welfare and have been for years. Is it any wonder they are able to send as much as $70 billion a year to their home country while we have a tough time making ends meet? Why should they learn our language when we make it so easy with signs and phone services in Spanish? Our ancestors did not enjoy the luxury the current migrants get. They kissed the soil of their new country, proud to be an American. Were it not for them, we would not be the greatest country on earth. If, however, we continue down this path, we will become a nation so in debt, we might never recover.

I do not blame them! Who would not take advantage of a program that offers all the perks denied to citizens in order to satisfy the elites and gain more power. As Maurice Chevalier said, I, too, am glad I am not young anymore.


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