The Democrat manure pile

I have used this analogy before, but it is appropriate. A bratty child, after receiving a pile of horse manure for his birthday, kept digging through the pile because “there has to be a pony in there somewhere.”

Democrat legislators are acting just like that brat. They think that if they keep digging through the Mueller report their Trump pony will magically appear. If Mueller and his team of 15 anti-Trump attorneys, including some who have openly abused their prosecutorial power in the past, could not find anything after two years, more than 500 subpoenas, numerous interviews, and $35 million, what makes congressional Democrats think they can do better?

The report is clear. I have read some of it and listened to pundits from both sides discuss its contents. There wasn’t any collusion between Trump and Russia. None. Yet Democrat leaders persist in perpetuating this myth. The only collusion that may have occurred was between the Democrat National Committee, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and Russia. Maybe that is why they continue with the story. If they don’t, attention may turn to them.

They should be worried. Attorney General Barr testified to Congress, after being asked a direct question, that he believed illegal spying occurred from the Democrat side. He indicated that several investigations were or would be opened into conduct of legislators and Justice Department employees.

Further, the report says there were no grounds to bring any charges for obstruction of justice. Obstruction of justice is one of those rather vague charges that law enforcement uses when they can’t find anything more concrete. If Mueller found no basis for charges, then there was no crime despite the wording. No one should be put in a position of proving innocence unless charged with a crime. Proving a crime is the prosecutor’s job. Yet Democrats and the media continue the narrative that Trump obstructed justice. They just can’t find that pony, mainly because it doesn’t exist.

Democrats are stymied by the report. They had placed great faith in Mueller’s ability to find something on Trump. All their eggs were in that basket, so to speak, because they haven’t been able to get him with any of their formerly successful strategies to take down an opponent.

They are now resorting to attempts to examine his tax returns and his past business dealings, something never before attempted. In other words, to use another scatological reference they are throwing crap at the wall hoping something will stick. Good luck!

Many believe the Democrats keep trying to bring Trump down because he threatens the “deep state” they are deeply entrenched in. I disagree in part. I think much of the continued rhetoric is due to sheer panic on the “deep state” side. They feel very vulnerable.

Democrat leadership, the Hillary Clinton campaign, a compliant media, and numerous entrenched senior bureaucrats attempted perhaps the greatest political coup ever attempted in this country. As more facts come to light, it is clear that their attempt abandoned any pretense of adhering to the Constitution and violated numerous federal laws in the process. I suspect before this is over the Obama administration will be shown to be the most corrupt administration ever.

All this, in my view, was in an attempt to perpetuate the Obama era policies to move the country toward a socialist regime. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win. All would then be well, and their underhanded and illegal tactics would be swept under the rug. They could not fathom a Trump victory.

When he won, their scheme started to unravel. The only way they could keep their activities under the radar was to attack and distract. That worked for a while through the Mueller investigation and the recusal of then Attorney General Sessions, which left their own operatives in the driver’s seat. They no longer have that cover.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution says that “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…” How does the Democrat demand by subpoena for years of Trump’s tax returns well before his declaration of candidacy not violate the Fourth Amendment? Where is the crime? If they have proof of a crime, then a subpoena would be in order. They don’t. They are simply fishing for the off chance there is a crime somewhere, or that they can use this information to fabricate one. More crap flung against the wall.

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