Night of Fights returns this Friday

The 25th-annual Night of Fights returns to Fallon this weekend.

Doors open at 6 p.m. on Friday at the Venturacci Gym and boxing begins at 7 p.m.

Tickets, which are purchased at the door, are $10 per person and all proceeds will benefit the Greenwave wrestling program. In addition to ticket sales, Missy McCormick, who helped organize the event, said that all VIP tables have been sold. Monday’s Calcutta also allowed businesses to bid on boxers.

Longtime Fallon coach Bert Serrano will judge this year’s event and the city of Fallon has assisted with donating the boxing ring.

Colby “Mighty Malko” Malkovich (Dahl’s Pharmacy) vs. Mason “Billy” Adams (Robertson and Koenig Optometry)

Janine “Asian Persuasion” Garcia (Auto Glass & More) vs. Paige “Der Maschine” Donahue (Lahontan Valley Surgical)

Myles “One Mile” Lara (Salt Wells RV Dump) vs. Drew “The Great” Kramer (VFC13 Chiefs Mess)

Seth “Happy” Plants (Greenwave Youth Wrestling) vs. Caden “Snickers” Bowman (Telegraph Coffee Shop)

William “The Wild” Card (Nugget & Bonanza Casino) vs. Wyatt “Storm’n Mormon” Hatch (Greenwave Youth Wrestling)

Franny “Hits Like a Man” Mori (Lahontan Valley Meats) vs. Kansas “Daddy” Smith (International Association of Fire Fighters) vs. Alexis “Sweet Pea” Jarrett (Nugget & Bonanza Casino)

Case “Cornbread” Cornmesser (C Bar R Tire Pros) vs. Harley “Hit Man” Fausey (John Hancock Construction)

Shaw “Big Red” Lee (Old Iron) vs. Tristan “Wreck Your Life” Rodarte (Fisher Excavation)

Hailey “The Hurricane” Guerrero (Guerrero) vs. Amanda “Scary” Carey (Old Iron)

Tim “Timmy Studders” Adams (Fallon Ford Toyota) vs. Andrew “Thunder” Larimer (Santo’s Ranch) vs. Neil “Dino” Marran (Auto Glass & More)

Tommy “Money” McCormick (Lahontan Valley Surgical) vs. Caleb “Haymaker” Haynes (C Bar R Tire Pros) vs. Ethan “Golden Gloves” Martinez (Salt Wells RV Dump)

Sadoni “Knocks Them” Downs (David Brown Enterprises Custom Hay) vs. Makiala “Heavy Hitter” Hicks (Fasthorse Family)

Jimmy “The Joker” Seeger (Fasthorse Family) vs. Sean “Mercs” McCormick (Lahontan Valley Surgical)

Rihanna “White Chick” Farren (Coach Shaw Production) vs. Aisha “Tongan Warrior” Sharron (Nevada Dental Arts)

Ben “Big Ben” Dooley (C Bar R Tire Pros) vs. Marcellus “Big Chief” Schaffer (Nugget & Bonanza Casino)


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