The Popcorn Stand: Record isn't a soft soap job

I switch to my fascination with weird world records and what the human mind thinks of. I’ve come across a North Carolina man named Steven Langley who more than satisfies my fascination in both of those areas. First of all, Langley owns seven Guiness World Records. And I really want to know what’s going on in this guy’s mind. He must have a fascination with soap. His world records include longest hanging chain of soap bubbles (35) and most people making bubbles with garland wands simultaneously (317). I feel a Don Ho song coming on. One of his non-bubble world records which I think is pretty cool is “most paddle balls controlled simultaneously by a person.” But back to the soap bubble records. The latest world record he set was “putting the most number of people in a soap bubble in 30 seconds.” Langley put individual bubbles around 13 people. Now again I would’ve thought the number of people needed to set this record would’ve been one because I would’ve thought the previous record would’ve been zero. And how did Langley convince 13 people to participate in this successful world record attempt? I’m sure it wasn’t just some soft soap job. Now I’ve got that Don Ho song “Tiny Bubbles” in my head. Thanks Steven Langley. — Charles Whisnand


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