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A lot has happened recently. Today is a collection of observations that merit mention but are too brief for a full column. I find that necessary occasionally. With all the issues to write about sometimes I end up with a collection of thoughts instead.

Happy April Fools’ Day. There are so many fools out there I don’t know where to start. Oh, wait, yes I do. In Washington, D.C., and the Nevada Legislature.

The Mueller report was released last week. Reaction to the outcome of the investigation shows Americans again how divided we are. If you are more or less of the left or an anti-Trumper, you experienced the probe as a search for truth that would restore the previous world of politics. Instead the traitor got away with it and you feel destabilized, deflated. If you are of the right, it was an attempted coup from the beginning, with the establishment using everything it had to remove a force it could not defeat at the polls. You are energized and elated.

But make no mistake, derangement has set in and the investigation isn’t over. Adam “full of” Schiff, the Democrat head of the House Intelligence Committee. Right now he is acting like the brat who got a big pile of horse manure for birthday and keeps digging because he is sure there has to be a pony under there somewhere.

The media is telling Trump to get over it and move on. Yet the media itself is keeping the issue in front of the public. Apparently they want Trump to shut up so they can continue their lies without interference.

Actor Jussie Smollett got caught making a false claim of an attack. Yet all charges have been dropped and investigative records have reportedly disappeared. What is not commonly known is that Smollett has close ties to Kamala Harris. Harris also has close ties to Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx, who supposedly was involved in the Smollett case even though she was supposed to recuse herself. Foxx has publicly stated that she views Kamala Harris as a mentor. Leftist corruption is getting a stronger odor by the minute. It has emanated from Washington to Chicago.

The Smollett case is yet another example of elitists getting a pass. Other instances are the recent college bribery scandal (I haven’t heard a conservative being implicated yet) James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, and other leftist political figures who seem to break the law at will and without consequence.

Sadly, the 2019 Nevada Legislature seems to be operating strictly from the leftist playbook. I get notices of important bills that deserve comment to legislators. I write regularly and have yet to receive an acknowledgement from a Democrat.

Here are some bills of concern. The universal background check law has already passed, as you probably know. Other bills coming up are giving Nevada electoral votes to the national popular vote winner, requiring prevailing wage on all public projects (this one is estimated to increase cost of new schools by 45 percent), giving school psychologists and social workers huge authority to treat children without parental consent, and making Nevada a sanctuary state.

Also under attack is school choice. Transparency of state workers and benefits is in jeopardy, most notably by trying to cloak information about PERS compensation. PERS is the retirement program for public employees and has been subject to substantial abuse in the past. Further, as if they can’t do enough damage in the present legislative sessions, they want to hold sessions every year.

Here is one for you climate changer green energy advocates. Livestock in France is reportedly dying because of green energy. Unexplained animal weight loss and death in Cotes-d’Armor, Brittany has been proven to be caused by electrical currents from nearby wind turbines and solar panels. Apparently direct current electricity enters the ground and directly affects the animals through charges exceeding 500 Ohms.

Finally, we have a perfect example of the results of “democratic socialism.” Venezuela is literally coming apart at the seams. It is suffering mass starvation, massive and sustained power blackouts from government-run utilities, and people literally drinking sewer water as their only water source.

They are reportedly killing people in the streets for food, water, and other essentials. Oddly, guns are not responsible since the government confiscated them. If guns aren’t responsible, why are people dying? The Venezuelans voted for this. It has only taken eight years for it to unravel. And you think it can’t happen here?

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