Letters to the Editor for March 30, 2019

Resident asks for support in appealing parcel development

In the 35 years that my family and I have lived on Mark Way in Carson City, we have been fighting the development of the 38-acre parcel (zoned tourist/commercial) between our neighborhood and the Carson City Airport. Currently, I have filed an appeal of a decision made Jan. 30 by the Planning Commission where they approved a 180-day stay at the proposed RV Park, the Sierra Skies RV Resort. According to the designer of the project, residents at the park can stay 180 days, leave one night and then take up residency for another 180-day stay. This will effectively turn the 277-space RV Park into high-density residential park with high fuel (gas and propane) storage, directly in the flight path of the Carson City Airport.

The FAA and NDOT have been contacted but tell us that it is up to the local officials to protect the public safety. The appeal has been filed in order to stop the 180-day extended stay at development that would be dangerous and arguably not in line with zoning. We have many questions about this project, but the main one is, how can it be safe to put hundreds of people with their RVs, extra vehicles, extra propane storage tanks, for extended stays, in the flight path of the airport? At the November 2016 Airport Authority Board meeting, several pilots stated that if they were having trouble during liftoff, this parcel is exactly where they would come down.

I also have concerns about the bias of the planning commission, considering the remarks made by a commissioner who voted for the 180-day stays. She stated her family had lived in an RV Park, thought it was a good thing for people to be able to use RV Parks as residences and she likes the developer. How can the commission’s vote be unbiased and valid?

The appeals hearing is on April 4 at 1:30 p.m. before the Board of Supervisors in Carson City. I ask concerned citizens, including those who use the airport, to show your support for the appeal of the 180-day stays and help protect the safety of our community. Thank you.

Tammy Lubich

Carson City


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