City honors state 3A softball champs

Council members Kelly Frost, left, and Bob Erickson, center, congratulate the softball team along with Mayor Ken Tedford.

Council members Kelly Frost, left, and Bob Erickson, center, congratulate the softball team along with Mayor Ken Tedford.

The City of Champions honored the players from the state’s top 3A softball team after the Fallon Lady Wave won their title with the dyeing of the Maine Street Fountain, a ride around town on the city’s classic fire truck and an awards ceremony and reception behind City Hall.

The Lady Wave seniors will have a special place in the annals of Fallon sports history. Not only did the seniors win their second straight 3A state girls basketball championship in late February, but they also toppled Lowry two weeks ago for another state trophy, this time on the diamond.

“It’s something special to be a state champion, and something no one can every take away from you,” Tedford said before he and the city council handed out individual trophies to the players, coaching staff and team scorekeeper.

The Lady Wave became the sweetheart story of the year. Down, but not out after losing a weekend series to Lowry on April 28, Fallon became invincible, winning the remainder of its regular-season games and then sweeping the opposition at both the regional and state tournaments.

“We want to thank your coaching staff for their preparation for you for each and every game, especially those two tournaments to get you where you are today,” Tedford said.

Tedford also commended the parents for the time they spent with their daughters from the early days of playing in the youth leagues to the traveling teams. Although Tedford said the championship win was a team achievement, he said the players also had to work individually to prepare themselves and to get where they are today.

First-year coach Kasey Chu said she’s appreciative how the city recognizes its youth and their accomplishments.

“It’s awesome what the city does for the girls, and they love it,” she said of her players. “There’s no better ending that this. They (the players) had their ups and downs, but they finished it off.”

Chu, who was an assistant coach on two Spanish Springs state championship softball teams, said the community doesn’t celebrate the team’s accomplishments like Fallon.

Players honored were Caitlyn Welch, Rylee Buckmaster, Lorynn Fagg, Alexis Jarrett, Ashley Agaman, Aspen Mori, Jordan Beyer, Shelbi Schultz, Macie Anderson, Stacy Kalt, Hanna Hitchock, Bella Jones and Faith Cornmesser.

Besides Chu, assistant coaches were Dawn Clark and Jenny Rechel, and the scorekeeper was Jamie Lofthouse.


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