The Popcorn Stand: Never too late to party with pizza

I have to keep apologizing because I’ve been falling on the job lately again and missing out on the so-important national holidays.

Friday was National Pizza Party Day. Pizza is so important in this country pizza has two holidays. There’s a National Pizza Day in November and of course Friday was National Pizza Party Day.

So I guess on National Pizza Day you can’t have pizza at a party. Anyway USA! USA! But alas I missed out on my patriotic duty and didn’t partake in National Pizza Party Day.

But I’m sure true patriots won’t mind if I take part in National Pizza Party Day today.

Actually as I now turn into an old fuddy duddy when I was a kid there was generally only one National Pizza Party Day and it came at the end of the Little League season. And it happened at Shakey’s. I used to love Shakey’s.

Anyway there’s nothing more American than pizza. After all even one of the Glossner brothers in “The Middle” knows that. When Sue asked him if he wanted a Mexican potato (almost like Mexican fries), Glossner replied, “Na. I don’t like foreign food. Give me a pizza potato instead.”

Actually a much more important holiday is being celebrated today — Armed Forces Day. And of course it’s because of our armed forces we can enjoy the silliness of days like National Pizza Party Day.

It’s great to be an American.

— Charles Whisnand


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