Ormsby House update to be presented to Carson City supervisors

The Ormsby House.

The Ormsby House.

The Board of Supervisors this week will get an update on the Ormsby House.

A building permit for the property expires March 15, the day of the board meeting, unless the supervisors vote to extend it again. The 2012 permit, the third permit issued for the building, has already been granted two administrative extensions by Carson City staff and one 18-month extension by the board.

The extensions were approved to help make the long-vacant building more attractive to potential buyers, who will need to finish its interior before it can be occupied.

Kim Fiegehen, representing Don Lehr and Al Fiegehen, the current owners, and Ted Stoever, senior vice president, Northern Nevada Land & Development Investment Services for Colliers International, last appeared before the board in September.

At the time, they told the board an offer had been made on the property, but the buyers were still conducting due diligence and the building still remains listed for sale.

The board will also take up several items recently recommended by other committees, including from the Open Space Advisory Committee, the Planning Commission, and the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee (RACC).

The supervisors will vote to authorize a grant application for money to acquire 206 acres owned by Gerald and Luanna Hamm in the Timberline subdivision and Vicee Canyon area, an action that garnered a roomful of support at the Open Space Advisory Committee’s meeting in February.

The board will also consider four items from the Planning Commission: two right-of-way abandonments, an amendment to the land use map of the city’s master plan, and an amendment to the Unified Pathways Master Plan.

The latter will add a non-motorized single track trail system to the plan based on work by the Eagle Valley Trail Committee. The land use amendment would re-designate 112 acres at the eastern edge of town off Highway 50 East from industrial to mixed use residential. And the right-of-way abandonments include turning a short block of Proctor Street between Curry and Nevada streets into two-hour customer parking spaces.

From RACC, the board will vote whether to spend $5,000 on a tent rental for livestock at the upcoming Carson City Fair at Fuji Park.

The supervisors will vote on a five-year, $387,913.34 contract with Axon Enterprise, Inc., for body cameras for the Sheriff’s Office. The total cost to purchase and install the equipment is $515,703.60.

The 2017 Nevada Legislature passed an amendment that goes into effect on July 1, which requires “uniformed peace officers” who routinely interact with the public to wear a “portable event recording device” while on duty.

The Board of Supervisors meets March 15 at 8:30 a.m. in the Sierra Room, Carson City Community Center, 851 E. William St.


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