Liberals in crisis

Since Donald Trump’s election mainstream news has been virtually nothing but how he is racist, bigoted, narcissistic, homophobic, and every other politically correct word of the day. The left’s hatred of Trump seems visceral and unreasoning.

We have administration employees harassed at restaurants, home and family venues. We have elected officials actively calling for protests and continued harassment of administration staff both in their public duties and private lives. There have even been unabashed calls for violent protest.

All of this leads me to wonder, “Is it Trump they hate or is that hate a symptom of something else?” After some research, reflection, and a re-reading of Alinski, I have come to some conclusions.

The left’s hatred of Trump is a symptom of a much larger issue. Their carefully crafted agenda has suddenly collided with reality. With the election of Obama their agenda moved to the forefront. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be elected so they could continue with their corruption of American beliefs and principles. Trump’s election derailed their plans. They were counting on not only a friendly administration but at least two Supreme Court appointments.

For 30 plus years the left has worked quietly and diligently to infiltrate the core of American society. They have infiltrated the public education system and colleges. Many curricula now include the benefits of Marx and socialism while ignoring the Constitution and American history.

There are more avowed socialist college professors than any other group. 53 percent of college graduates prefer socialism to capitalism even though they have never been to a socialist country, yet 66 percent can’t name the three branches of U.S. government.

They have infiltrated the justice system. At the lower federal court levels and in many state courts there are activist judges actively working toward promoting a progressive agenda.

They have infiltrated the mainstream media. That is why you see such biased reporting and often outright lies promoted. They have worked hard to erode Second Amendment rights, not because they hate guns but because they fear an uprising of armed citizens if their plans become reality.

They have worked diligently to erode Judeo-Christian morals values, and beliefs. The atheist movement to remove any vestige of Christian belief from public places is not incidental. And cases are usually heard before activist judges.

This is why there is such an uproar over Justice Kennedy’s announced resignation from the Supreme Court. The furor over Roe v. Wade is a false flag. What they are really upset about is that they don’t get to choose his successor. They know this appointment has the potential to derail their agenda for years.

Because their agenda has been slowed, they now engage in attempting to discredit their critics and even those simply asking for facts to support their claims. Their main claim seems to be that anything they don’t agree with is hate speech. Just a word of warning. Things change and you might not be the ones to determine hate speech sometime in the future. You will be glad for the Constitution when that happens.

When confronted with facts liberals can’t refute the response is invariably cursing, changing the subject, and calling the person racist, homophobic, or a Nazi, always with an increasingly loud voice. There is no greater compliment than to be yelled at by a liberal. It means you have bested their usually pitiful attempt at intelligent discourse.

A crisis in this country has been slowly evolving for years, as outlined herein. We the majority have complacently allowed it to happen. 30 years ago gay marriage, free college education, and LGBTQ rights were not even on our radar. Now they are accepted a commonplace. I don’t have a particular issue with any of these or other issues until they usurp and exceed my rights.

There are a majority who agree. That is why the Middle America, flyover country, blue collar sector of the country that elites hold in such disdain have spoken. They spoke in 2016 and they continue to speak with their unwavering support of Donald Trump.

Great leaders seem to come along when least expected, and sadly not often enough. My mother in law believed Ronald Reagan was a gift from God to this country. One may be able to say the same about Donald Trump.

We have been silent for too long. It is our duty to speak out, write officials, letters to the editor, and social media. We must take on the left. Our country depends on it

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