SILVER DOLLARS AND WOODEN NICKELS: A meaner, greener Carson City

Silver Dollars and Wooden Nickels is a weekly feature in the Appeal’s Opinion pages in which the Appeal gives Silver Dollars to those who deserve recognition and occasionally a Wooden Nickel to those who deserve criticism.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Carson City for receiving a $20,000 grant to launch a “green dining district” that will provide recycling guides to 30 restaurants on Carson Street encouraging them to compost food waste and practice energy saving measures.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Carson High wrestler David Remer for finishing fourth at the Reno Tournament of Champions.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Sena Loyd for her service as Carson City Library director. Loyd, who has been the library’s director since 2014, is leaving for Blockchains LLC where she will be a senior research analyst.

SILVER DOLLAR: To the city of Carson and all those working on refurbishing the Carson Aquatic Facility and the Bob Boldrick Theater in the Carson City Community Center.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Karen Abowd, who’s leaving her position as a Carson City Board of Supervisors member, for all of her service to the city over the years even though we know she will continue to serve the city in many ways, including through the Greenhouse Project.


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