Pet obituaries are appropriate

The recent obituary in the Appeal about canine Muffy Moffet really tugged at our hearts. This was particularly because a couple of months ago we lost our two precious Yorkies (Lucy and Ashley) just two weeks apart after having their wonderful loving companionship every day for 15 years. We were devastated. They made our house a home and our house now seems so empty.

Our hearts go out to Nannette for the loss of her precious Muffy. For many people their pets are as much a part of the family as are people. We think that remembering and honoring them in the obituaries is entirely appropriate.

We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Lone Mountain Veterinary staff and particularly Dr. Matt for the excellent medical care which allowed us to have Lucy and Ashley for as long as we did. Everyone there was so compassionate during the time of our losses.

Randy and Vicki Grossmann

Carson City

Columnist should rethink view on Kavanaugh

In response to Ms. Stornetta’s commentary on Dec. 12 in her “Fresh Ideas” column, I think she needs to change it to “Muddy Ideas” as to her thoughts behind white men and the Kavanaugh debacle.

The man was accused at the 11th hour about something that supposedly took place well over 30 years ago. The accuser, Ford, testified “convincingly” per Stornetta, about a supposed assault by Kavanaugh.

Not one witness Ford brought forth could corroborate any of her statements and there was not one scintilla of evidence.

She states that Kavanaugh provided “sneers, lies, angst and attempts to claim victimhood.” Really? What did he lie about? What proof does she have that wasn’t presented at the hearing?

It appeared he was being completely falsely accused of something that anyone would find impossible to defend oneself against. Anyone in his situation would feel and behave the same way … and he was a victim, a victim of a political ploy by Democrats to smear his name and nomination.

My family has experienced false accusations, and I hope Stornetta never has to experience it!

But what I hope and pray is that Stornetta never serves on a jury with her “guilty until proven innocent” beliefs, based on “convincing” testimony with absolutely no evidence to support it!

Lisa Partee

Carson City

How to stop the illegal immigration problem

If we want to clean up the illegal immigration problem, there’s a very simple solution.

Everyone, including congressional misfits like Schumer, Pelosi, et al, and even those not in Congress, should be subjecting themselves to this procedure if they think putting illegal aliens interests ahead of regular American citizens interests is OK.

Each person who promotes this should have their names and addresses published by the federal government so that when the illegals enter the U.S., they will easily find someone to give them a place to live, food to eat and … if interested, a coordinating workplace.

This would relieve the rest of the us of paying to support illegal migrants.

Can you imagine how fast these pro-illegal promoters would change their minds?

Works for me.

Mary Santomauro



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