Crunch time is here for the purchase of health insurance

If you haven’t already made your annual decisions on health insurance, time is running out.

The deadline to change Medicare Advantage plans or your Part D drug plans is Friday, Dec.7. Time for those who need to decide major medical plans is also running out. The deadline to make decisions on Under-65 plans is Saturday, Dec. 15.

Those with Ambetter plans on Federal Marketplace may be lulled into a false sense of security. The have received letters saying they will be rolled over into plans similar to what they had last year, but the amounts are not based on current information and may be off by more than a little bit. There is also a new Ambetter silver plan – the Balanced Care 11 – that in most cases gives better coverage for less than the plan recommended in the letter.

The only way to know, for certain, is to meet with a broker and see what’s best. There is no cost for using a broker, so you have nothing to lose by checking.

I am available to help both those on Medicare and those under 65, so call me at the below number while there is still time.

Ron Bliss is a former long-time sports writer who has been selling health insurance since 2009. He is licensed in both Nevada and California and offers every kind of health insurance to include dental and vision as well as limited medical, short-term medical and major medical both on and off the exchanges. You can reach him at 775-224-7169.


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