Fernley Republican Women promote literacy

The Fernley Republican Women (FRW) is committed to fostering literacy in the community. Each September, the group participates in the National Federation of Republican Women’s Literacy Month by sponsoring literacy projects. On Sept. 12, Literacy Chair Peggy Gray, along with Joy Connelly, M.J. Dodson, Joy Hidek and Anita Trone, presented a dictionary to each third grade student at Cottonwood Elementary School. Accompanied by Principal Cory Sandberg they talked about literacy in all five classrooms. The faces of the children lit up as each received a personal copy of “The Best Dictionary for Students.”

The FRW members also presented a book to the school librarian for the Cottonwood Elementary School library. The book donated was The Boys in the Boat, about the American team’s journey to win gold at the 1936 Olympics.

A few days later, we donated 53 new children’s’ books to Renown Hospital’s Children’s Ward. These books will help to educate the children and provide a distraction to their treatment.

Fernley Republican Women is a group of women (and men as associate members) who share similar conservative values and ideals, and who are dedicated to increasing the influence and effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through political education and active political participation.

For information, contact Lorrie Olson at llflolson3@yahoo.com or check the FRW website fernleyrepublicanwomen.com.


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