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Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.

Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.


150 Years Ago

All sorts: Personal—Hon. C. N. Noteware, Secretary of State, has returned from California, where he went to take a lunatic to the Insane Asylum.

Medical and surgical—Drs. Tjader & Munckton is the title of a new firm, for the practice of surgery and medicine. The partners are old residents of Carson and well known personally and professionally. Their office can be found over Munckton’s drug store.

140 Years Ago

All sorts: Tuscarora has a Chinaman who can speak Spanish like a native.

A good parrot, one that swears in two languages, is worth about ten dollars, or higher, if its expertise is in profanity.

130 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Opera House, John Piper, Manager, The funniest play on the American Stage. “I Wouldn’t Miss it for Nine Dollars.” The popular artists, Hallen and Hart, assisted by their own guaranteed company, under the management of Mr. Harry Hine, in their new, musical force-comedy, Later On. Pretty girls, topical songs, catchy music, fascinating dancing, etc. Admission $1. Children under ten years 50 cents.”

100 Years Ago

Loser must foot bill: Germany must pay the cost of war Lloyd-George declared in a speech. “The principle has always been that the loser pays and we must proceed on this principle in regard to Germany.” (London)

50 Years Ago

Deer and Apples: It isn’t just an apple the deer is nibbling, it is a pill packed apple. Scientists at Lewis Research Center have been giving whitetail deer daily food handouts. Plum Brook has a large deer herd that is too large for the amount of food the area produces. Daily rations of apples, alfalfa pellets, cracked corn and molasses will be getting “the pill” because deer are better known for multiplication than for subtraction.

20 Years Ago

Advertisement (in part): “Thanksgiving Dining at the Ormsby House – V & T Restaurant, Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Entrees—Roast Turkey with giblet gravy (mashed potatoes, green beans, fresh cranberry relish) or Baked Virginia Ham (with raisin fruit case, candied yams, green beans) or Prime Rib Au Jus (mashed potatoes, green beans). $6.95…”


150 years ago

The weather night before last was rather severe on night travelers. Rain and snow fell in the valley in small quantities; but upon the Sierras toward Lake Bigler the “beautiful snow” came down in such showers that made shingle makers, wood choppers and wood haulers hunt their fire places and warm beds. Yesterday was pleasant, in fact salubrious. We hope for a continuance.

130 years ago

The State’s money was counted yesterday by Governor Davis, Secretary of State Demer and Gen. Alexander.

100 years ago

Mauretania reaches New York and the first question the Doughboys ask is “when do we eat?” The second more serious question is: “Has New York gone dry yet?”

70 years ago

The Nevada Tax commission has wielded its potent stick over the gambling industry once again and announced this afternoon it had revoked the bookmaking licenses of three of the largest casinos in Las Vegas before “aggrieved persons take the law into their own hands.”

50 years ago

The need for additional money for local government and the schools means the 1969 Nevada Legislature “probably will find a need for some new revenue measures,” a legislative fiscal leader said Saturday.

30 years ago

A draft proposal calling for a second wild horse sanctuary has met with opposition from animal rights groups who feel it should not be a substitute for wild horse management areas.


150 years ago

Grecian Bend Fancy Dress Balls are the “rage” nowadays.

130 years ago

E.S. Buckinham, of Lyon, is a candidate for Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate. Buck is an old Stalwart Republican and well worthy of party recognition.

100 years ago

Homer Mooney, private secretary to Governor Boyle was in Reno yesterday on his way to Lovelock to attend to the hearing of claimants for the $5,000 reward for capturing Paul Walters, murderer of Sheriff Wildes of Churchill county. There are about seventy claimants of the reward. Skinny Pascal, an Indian trailer shot Walters as he was about to open fire on another member of the posse.

70 years ago

The old fire whistle which has been heralding Carson City’s conflagrations since 1915 has finally given up the ghost, Fire Chief Laddie Furlong of Warren Engine company announced regretfully yesterday. The air raid siren will take over the job for the next couple of weeks, until installation of the new fire alarm system is completed.

50 years ago

The Ormsby County Grand Jury will investigate charges that the Carson Water Company is responsible for what complaints call a “critical water shortage” here, Dist. Atty. Robert List said Tuesday.

30 years ago

Carson City senior citizens will be dining and dancing in their new center by Christmas next year according to a representative of Senior Citizens, Inc. Supervisors have approved plans for the facility that was approved in concept by voters four years ago.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan and Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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