Carson Valley air hazardous; Carson City unhealthy

Gardnerville once again Thursday has the worst air quality in the United States, according to

Gardnerville has an Air Quality Index reading of 326, which puts it in the hazardous category.

Carson City is a relative breathable 185, which is “unhealthy.”

“Areas at greatest risk for unhealthy to very unhealthy air quality are from Douglas County south through Alpine and Mono counties downwind of the Donnell Fire,” the National Weather Service reports. “Poor air quality may also reach out into southern Lyon County and western Mineral County, although confidence is lower.”

In a separate air quality alert, the National Weather Service said air quality should improve in the afternoon.

“Smoke from the Donnell Fire is settling into Alpine County, the Carson Valley and Carson City each night,” the alert said. “This is resulting in degraded air quality with Air Quality Index readings in the unhealthy to hazardous by the early morning hours.

“Air quality should increase each afternoon as afternoon breezes develop and mix the smoke higher into the air. But, depending on how active the fire is each afternoon, increased winds could produce more smoke that will start the cycle of deteriorating overnight air quality again.

An Air Quality Index in the very unhealthy or hazardous range means the entire population is more likely to be affected.

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